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Artistname: Jan Johnston

Date of birth: Unknown

Origin: UK

Interview: Click here

Jan Johnston
She's worked with BT, Chicane, and Oakenfold. Had tracks featured in movies like American Pie and Hackers 2. Yet, strange though it may sound, Jan's current story kicks off a few years ago in a bargain bin in Manchester.
January 97: BT (Brian Transeau) is over from the US doing some studio work and is busy rifling through the city's Bluezone second hand record shop. Picking up a vinyl copy of "Calling your Name" (later used on American Pie), and impressed by the face on the sleeve, he promptly buys it (for 50p no less!)
You know what DJs are like. Nine months later, he's finally listened to it. "This voice came out and I just fell on the floor. I simply had to track this woman down and work with her." It was, however, another nine months before he managed to contact the elusive songstress. Jan says: "Brian was over in Manchester for one day only. He asked if I was free, we hit the studio, and laid down "Remember", our first collaboration, which was later used in Hackers 2."

Everyone loved it. Offers flooded in, and, as well as immediately flying over to LA to work on new material, Jan was soon lending her distinctive vocals to a plethora of other artists: Chicane on "Love Will Come", "Take Me By the Hand", by Victor Imbres' Submerge project and Freefall's number one club hit "Skydive". On top of this, she and BT did a sell-out 30-date tour of the States from San Francisco to Florida. Which is how she captured the eagle eyes - and ears - of a certain well-known DJ:
"Paul (Oakenfold) pulled me aside one night after the show and whispered in my ear, "I want to sign you." I was initially a bit cautious because I'm more singer-songwriter than dance diva, but he assured me I'd have free reign. And I obviously had a lot of respect for his reputation in the industry." Jan signed to Perfecto in Summer 99. Relocating to LA to record with US producer Jamie Myerson, they worked on and recorded Jan's debut album in the first six months of last year.
A subtle marriage of Jan's open lyrics and Jamie's quietly understated production, the forthcoming album "Emerging" is testament to the strength of traditional songwriting that can and still exists within a dance sensibility: "I can't bear the idea of not communicating something to my audience. I love combining dance influences beats and breaks here and there with everything I've experienced over the years in relationships and life generally. I want to pull people's emotions, make them feel what I feel. If they do, then I've succeeded."
Tracks range from the painful experience of a relationship breakdown in the epic "No Excuses" through to the nascent sense of finding inner peace in title track "Emerging"; along the way Jan also covers the Carpenters' classic "Superstar" ("purely to put myself up against a great artist!") and ends with the pensive prayer to a higher being, "God's Plan." First single "Flesh", released April 9, is, as its title suggests, a paean to somewhat more biblical pleasures, in the less holy sense of the word!

From janjohnston.com
Production aliases:
  Freefall (With Anthony Pappa & Alan Bremner)      
  Jan Johnston (With Rob Davis, some with Steve Lyon, some with Paul Oakenfold)      
  JJ (With Tony Kirkham)      
  Sub-Merge (Co-Written)      
Production discography:
  BT - Dreaming (backup vocals with Kirsty Hawkshaw)   Headspace 002   1998
  BT - Lullaby for Gaia   Pioneer   1994
  BT - Running Down the Way Up (backup vocals)   Headspace 002   1998
  BT ft. Jan Johnston - Communication   Unreleased   2001
  BT ft. Jan Johnston - Confession   Unreleased   2001
  BT ft. Jan Johnston - Flesh   Perfecto 05, 045   2001
  BT ft. Jan Johnston - Mercury & Solace   Headspace 001   1999
  BT ft. Jan Johnston - Remember   Perfecto 150, 160   1998
  BT ft. Jan Johnston - Shine   Unreleased   2001
  BT ft. Jan Johnston - Sunblind   Pioneer   2001
  Cloak - Quiet Then   Hackers Vol 3 Album   1999
  Cor Fijneman ft. Jan Johnston - Venus   ITWT352-5   2002
  Cosmic Gate ft. Jan Johnston - Raging (Storm)   Nebula 036   2002
  DJ Tiesto ft. Jan Johnston - Close To You   Avex 11960 / Black Hole   2002
  Freefall - Skydive   Stress089 / Superfly / Renaissance   1998
  Jan Johnston - 21st Century Cinderella   Unreleased   2000
  Jan Johnston - Alive   A & M 242, 685   1994
  Jan Johnston - Alligator Water   Unreleased   2000
  Jan Johnston - Am I In Love?   580-525   1994
  Jan Johnston - Am I On Pause / Time   Perfecto 037   2002
  Jan Johnston - Anyway the Wind Blows   Intro Album   1994
  Jan Johnston - As The Cracks Appear   Perfecto   2001
  Jan Johnston - Bittersweet (God's Plan Instrumental)   Unreleased   2000
  Jan Johnston - Calling You   A & M 242   1994
  Jan Johnston - Calling Your Name 2002   Platipus 103   2002
  Jan Johnston - Come Back Baby   Intro Album   1994
  Jan Johnston - Does Anybody Know   Intro Album   1994
  Jan Johnston - Don't Be Lonely   A & M 242   1994
  Jan Johnston - Don't Make Promises   A & M 242   1994
  Jan Johnston - Emerging   Unreleased   2000
  Jan Johnston - God's Plan   Unreleased   2000
  Jan Johnston - Going Nowhere   Intro Album   1994
  Jan Johnston - I Learned (You Blew Me Out)   A & M 242   1994
  Jan Johnston - If Heaven Callz   A & M 242   1994
  Jan Johnston - Is Disaster Coming   Unreleased   2000
  Jan Johnston - Lover's Do   Intro Album   1994
  Jan Johnston - No Excuses   Unreleased   2000
  Jan Johnston - Out There   Unreleased   1999
  Jan Johnston - Paris   A & M 242   1994
  Jan Johnston - Religion   Unreleased   1999
  Jan Johnston - Silent Words   Perfecto 016   2001
  Jan Johnston - Silver   Intro Album   1994
  Jan Johnston - Something's In the House   CBS   1994
  Jan Johnston - Still Alive at 3AM   A & M 685   1994
  Jan Johnston - Strange Day   A & M 242   1994
  Jan Johnston - Success   Intro Album   1994
  Jan Johnston - Superstar   Perfecto / Unreleased   2002
  Jan Johnston - The Prayer   580-525   1994
  Jan Johnston - Totally Blind   A & M   1994
  Jan Johnston - Unafraid   Perfecto   2001
  Jan Johnston - When My hero Dies   A & M 685   1994
  Jan Johnston - Wildchild   A & M 242   1994
  Jan Johnston ft. Jamie Myerson - Asking Too Much   Gizmo 003   1998
  JJ - Cold is the Memory   CBS 656965   1994
  JJ - Crying Over You   Intro Album / CBS656965   1994
  JJ - Denim & Blue   CBS 656609   1991
  JJ - If I Never See Sunday Again   Unknown   1987
  JJ - If This is Love   CBS 656609   1991
  JJ - If This is Love (Acoustic Version)   CBS 656609   1991
  JJ - Mother   CBS 656965   1994
  JJ - Moving Away   Unknown   1994
  JJ - Secret Smiles   Intro Album / CBS656322   1994
  JJ - Slide Away   Intro Album / CBS656322   1994
  JJ - Time Is Like a Train   Intro Album / CBS656322   1994
  JJ - Wedding Day   CBS 656609   1991
  Libra pres Taylor - Anomaly - Calling Your Name   Platipus 024   1996
  Paul van Dyk ft. Jan Johnston - Home   Vandit Unreleased   2003
  Paul van Dyk ft. Jan Johnston - I Don't Care   Deviant   2003
  Paul van Dyk ft. Jan Johnston - Nothing But You   Vandit   2003
  Paul van Dyk ft. Jan Johnston - Should I Back   Vandit Unreleased   2003
  Paul van Dyk ft. Jan Johnston - Spellbound   Vandit Unreleased   2003
  Submerge ft. Jan Johnston - Take Me By The Hand   AM:PM 101   1997
  Svenson & Gielen ft. Jan Johnston - Beachbreeze   ID & T 345   2002
  Svenson & Gielen ft. Jan Johnston - Ocean   Unreleased   2002
  Tomski ft. Jan Johnston - Love Will Come   Xtravaganza 06   2000
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Last updated: 10.07.2003

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