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Artistname: Cari Lekebusch

Date of birth: Unknown

Origin: Stockholm, Sweden

Interview: None available

Techno wizard Cari Lekebusch started collecting records at the age of 10, started taping & looping with records from late 70's & early 80's. Slowly grew into a "dj" after throwing own partys in the late 80's - early 90's. Lekebusch started to collect his first electronic instruments during the same period, creating his own studio now known as the Hybrid HQ studio. "Nothing has kept me in the industry, the point is to change it. I've been having good fortune, never any really odd experiences, making music, if not djing ...... " Lekebusch performs internationaly, USA, Japan, UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Scandinavia & Eastern Europe. He owns several record labels, primarily Hybrid Productions, DJUPT for housier releases, and Audio Mechanixc.
Production aliases:
  Agent Orange      
  Mr. James Barth      
  Mystic Letter K      
  Phunkey Rhythm Doctor      
  Shape Changer      
  Szerementa Programs      
Production discography:
  Braincell -Braincell 2 (Harthouse)      
  Braincell -Hybrid E.P. (Harthouse)      
  Braincell -Lucid Dreaming (Harthouse)      
  Braincell -Man Of Many Theories (Harthouse)      
  Braincell -The Ron,DJ Skull'Maney & Roy D. (Harthouse)      
  Braincell -Too Hot To Trot (Harthouse)      
  Cari Lekebusch -01 11 (H-Productions)      
  Cari Lekebusch -4WD (Corb)      
  Cari Lekebusch -Acknowledgements (H-Productions)      
  Cari Lekebusch -Body Mechanics EP (Audio Mekanixc)      
  Cari Lekebusch -C Theories (Code Red)      
  Cari Lekebusch -Chaos & Order (H-Productions)      
  Cari Lekebusch -Det Jag Vet (H-Productions)      
  Cari Lekebusch -Drum And Noise Style (H-Productions)      
  Cari Lekebusch -Ej Till Försäljning (H-Productions)      
  Cari Lekebusch -Enter The Dragon EP (H-Productions)      
  Cari Lekebusch -Evernight EP (H-Productions)      
  Cari Lekebusch -Exotixc (H-Productions)      
  Cari Lekebusch -For Those Who Know (H-Productions)      
  Cari Lekebusch -Free From Form (H-Productions)      
  Cari Lekebusch -Functions (Spirit Fuel)      
  Cari Lekebusch -Galaktick Intafase (H-Productions)      
  Cari Lekebusch -In Stockholm We Dwell (H-Productions)      
  Cari Lekebusch -Letter K (Electrix Records)      
  Cari Lekebusch -Live And Direct (H-Productions)      
  Cari Lekebusch -Low Profiles (H-Productions)      
  Cari Lekebusch -Magenta (Experimental)      
  Cari Lekebusch -Magic Vandal EP (H-Productions)      
  Cari Lekebusch -Mindgames (H-Productions)      
  Cari Lekebusch -Moving Style (DJUPT)      
  Cari Lekebusch -När Dimman Sänker Sig (Proper N.Y.C.)      
  Cari Lekebusch -Output 1 (H-Productions)      
  Cari Lekebusch -Output 2 (H-Productions)      
  Cari Lekebusch -Pot Remixes (Konsequent)      
  Cari Lekebusch -Precious Moments (DJUPT)      
  Cari Lekebusch -Reanimations (H-Productions)      
  Cari Lekebusch -Reconstructing Lion Dub: Woman EP (H-Productions)      
  Cari Lekebusch -Reverted (H-Productions)      
  Cari Lekebusch -Reverted / Aterkommen (H-Productions)      
  Cari Lekebusch -Roadworx (Refined)      
  Cari Lekebusch -Rubber Neck (Jakpot)      
  Cari Lekebusch -Råhångel Me (Drumcode)      
  Cari Lekebusch -Son of Two EP (H-Productions)      
  Cari Lekebusch -Temple Jam EP (H-Productions)      
  Cari Lekebusch -The Programator (H-Productions)      
  Cari Lekebusch -Universal Sessions (H-Productions)      
  Cari Lekebusch -Universal Sessions - Instrumentalicks (H-Productions)      
  Cari Lekebusch -Ursprung EP (H-Productions)      
  Cari Lekebusch -Vet Dom Som För Att (Know They For Because) (HP)      
  Cari Lekebusch -Vänsterprassel Me (Drumcode)      
  Cari Lekebusch -Well Of Infinity (H-Productions)      
  Fred -Fred 1 (R&S)      
  Fred -Fred 2 (Missile Records)      
  Fred -Fred 3 (Missile Records)      
  Fred -Fred 4: Fred Light District (Missile Records)      
  Mr James Barth -High Society (Svek)      
  Mr James Barth -Remixed For The Lords (Svek)      
  Mr James Barth -Stealin' Music (Svek)      
  Phunkey Rhythm Doctor -Underground Poetry (H-Productions)      
  Rotortype -Be Yourself: The Advent Rmx (Planet Rhythm)      
  Rotortype -Drop It EP (Planet Rhythm)      
  Rotortype -Emulator EP (Planet Rhythm)      
  Rotortype -Suck It EP (Planet Rhythm)      
  Shape Changer -Crystal Dreams Vol. 1 (Experimental)      
  Shape Changer -Crystal Dreams Vol.2 (Planet Rhythm)      
  Vector -Barracuda EP (Planet Rhythm)      
  Vector -Ordeals In Sound (Planet Rhythm)      
  Vector -Phantom Cart - The Advent Remixes (Planet Rhythm)      
  Vector -Pressure EP (Planet Rhythm)      
  Vector -Pressure Release EP (Planet Rhythm)      
  Yakari -Tranquiliser EP (Loop Records)      
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Last updated: 27.04.2003

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