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Artistname: Andreas Schmidt (Ace Da Brain, Ace's Delight, Pervading Call)

Date of birth: 16.05.1976

Origin: Germany

Interview: None available

Andreas Schmidt (Ace Da Brain, Ace's Delight, Pervading Call)
Andreas Schmidt was born 1976 in a small town next to Frankfurt. He visited elementary school in Germany, but then moved on to international schools in Bangkok and New Delhi. After the A-Levels graduation (Abitur) he did one's military service in a special forces unit. Right after that he went to university.

The different countries, their lifestyles and cultures influenced him a lot. There he learned the musical basics as well as the technical (computer) abilities for his further, to that time still unknown future.

In the year 1998 he met Marcus. They shared their interest for techno and with Ace's producing abilities and Marcus' djing skills they founded Marc & Ace or Marc la Cruz & Ace da Brain.

From that time on Ace invented many project names and produced a wide range of tracks with Marcus as a Dj on his side. Projects like Airfire, Traveller or Sonic Inc. were born and were very well received from many Dj's and Fans all around the world.

Early 2003 the business partnership of Marc & Ace ended, as well as the negotiations with George Acosta for who's releases he was responsible for since "Emotions" (year 2000). Ace founded his own label "Venom Recordings" and his own publishing company "ACEAGE-Musikverlag" to continue business a more professional way.

Venom Recordings has had four releases until now: George Acosta - 'The Reaper', Marc la Cruz & Ace Da Brain - 'Eriel', Ace's Delight - 'Mental Theme' and Ace Da Brain - 'Tales Of Dusk And Dawn'. Both The Reaper and Eriel were very successful on the harder dancefloors, and 'Mental Theme' made it to the 18th spot in Armin van Buuren's ASOT 2003 Top 20, and was considered Record Of The Year by many people.
Production aliases:
  Ace Da Brain      
  Ace's Delight      
  Brain Cruz Brothers      
  Captain Jack      
  Crash Dudez      
  Dare Devils      
  Gothic Vision      
  Grim Reaper      
  Liquid Base      
  O.S. Project      
  Pervading Call      
  Shadow Warriors      
  Sonic Inc.      
Production discography:
  Ace Da Brain - Tales Of Dusk And Dawn (Sunrise)   Venom   2004
  Ace Da Brain - Tales Of Dusk And Dawn (Sunset)   Venom   2004
  Ace Da Brain - Trinity (Aerial Mix)   Venom   2005
  Ace Da Brain - Trinity (Hard Mix)   Venom   2005
  Ace Da Brain - Trinity (Liquid Mix)   Venom   2005
  Ace’s Delight - Because of my Dreams      2001
  Ace’s Delight - Mental Theme + Rmx   Venom   2003
  Airfire - Adrenalin   Future   1999
  Airfire - My Generation   Suck Me Plasma   2001
  Airfire - Ought to be a member   Future   1998
  Airfire - Persistence of Time   Suck Me Plasma   2001
  Airfire - Rape   Future   1998
  Airfire feat. Talla 2XLC - No signs of life   Technoclub   2000
  BACED! - Destiny’s Ass   Sun Trax   2001
  BACED! - Illuminatio Mea   Sun Trax   2001
  BACED! - Stauseedrama   Sun Trax   2001
  BACED! vs. Ace's Delight - Witness   Venom Recordings   2004
  Brain Cruz Brothers - Close your eyes   MB Records   1999
  Brain Cruz Brothers - Joy   MB Records   1999
  Captain Jack & Roberto Blanco - Ein bischen Spass muss sein      2004
  Captain Jack - Party Warriors      2002
  Captain Jack - Viva La Vida      2003
  Crash Dudez - Jabo Jabo   TopTrax   2000
  Dare Devils - Daredevil   Chaos Records   2001
  George Acosta - The Reaper   Venom   2002
  George Acosta feat. Sarah Simon - Emotions   Ultra Records   2001
  Gothic Vision - Be our salvation      1999
  Grim Reaper - The roof is on fire   Epic   2002
  Grim Reaper - Wild and loose      2001
  Liquid Base - Sweet destiny      1999
  MAG - Taking over space   Ultra Records   2001
  Marc la Cruz & Ace da Brain - Eriel   Venom   2002
  Marc la Cruz - Darkness   Chaos Records   2001
  Marc la Cruz - Future prison   Chaos Records   2001
  Marc la Cruz - Gate to hell   Chaos Records   2000
  Marc la Cruz - Krieg gegen die Maschinen   Chaos Records   2000
  Marc la Cruz - Peace´n Love   Chaos   2000
  Marc la Cruz - The world is a dark place   Chaos   2000
  Marc la Cruz - Venom   Chaos   2001
  Marc la Cruz´n Ace da Brain - Spacewalk   MB Records   1999
  Marc la Cruz´n Ace da Brain - The Hive   Chaos Records   1999
  Marc la Cruz´n Ace da Brain feat. The Grim Reaper - Dancing in the dark   Technoclub   2001
  Marc´n Ace - Conquest Paradise   Scuba Records   1999
  Marc´n Ace - Dark Priest   Scuba Records   1999
  Marc´n Ace - Take me high   Scuba Records   2000
  Marc´n Ace - Under my skin      2001
  Mysteria - Emotional Thing   Mindworx   1999
  Nautilus - 1000 Miles Below / Hymn of the Nautilus   Suck Me Plasma   2001
  O.S. Project - I like it   Cases   2000
  Outcast - Fire and Rain   Sysexx   2001
  Pervading Call - Destiny   Above The Sky   2004
  Pervading Call - No Time To Rest   Parabolica Records   2005
  Shadow Warriors - Dance with the sun      2002
  Shadow Warriors - Oval sun   Typhoon   2001
  Sonic Inc. - Feelings (I feel 4 U)   DMD   2002
  Sonic Inc. - Look into my mind   Space Traxx   2001
  Sonic Inc. - Taste of summer   Space Traxx   2001
  TBA - Into My Mind      2001
  TBA - Mistress of Darkness      2001
  TBA - Secret Memory + Rmx      2001
  Traveller - Bright Sign   Suck Me Plasma   2000
  Traveller - Point of Change   Suck Me Plasma   2001
  Traveller - The American dream   Suck Me Plasma   2001
  Traveller - The arrival (part 1 and 2)   Mindworx   2000
  Traveller - The beat is so strong   Suck Me Plasma   2001
  Waldmeister feat. Tillmann Uhrmacher - Kahlschlag!   Proton   2001
Remix discography:
  Andy Ling - Fixation      2000
  Captain Jack - Iko Iko      2002
  Cyclix - The Anthem III (Marc La Cruz & Ace Da Brain Remix)   Mindworx   2004
  Dj Cyglass - Read my Heart (Airfire Remix)      2001
  Dj Jo - Sweet Dreams (Marc La Cruz 'n Ace Da Brain Mix)   Fog Area   2000
  Dj Taucher - Pictures of a Gallery (Marc 'n Ace Remix)   Scuba Records   2001
  George Acosta - The Reaper (Marc La Cruz Lost In Tibet Mix)   Venom   2002
  JamX - Keep it that Way (Marc La Cruz 'n Ace Da Brain Remix)   Chaos Records   1999
  Legend B - Lost in Love 2004 (Ace Da Brain Remix)      2002
  One More Angel - Breathe (Sonic Inc. Remix)   Alpha Omega Records   2005
  Peter Lutz - Pacific Wish (Marc La Cruz Remix)   Aqualoop   2002
  Renato Tankis vs.Dj Savietto - Octopus (Da Brain Remix)   Overdose   2000
  Talla 2XLC - Come with me (Airfire Remix)   Club Culture   2001
  Talla 2XLC - World in my Eyes (Marc La Cruz UK Club Mix)   Urban   2000
  Tillmann Uhrmacher & Peter Ries - Free      2000
  Tillmann Uhrmacher - On the run (Marc 'n Ace Remix)   Anthem   2002
  Tube Tech - The End (Ace Da Brain Remix)      2002
  Xallux - Take a Trip (Marc 'n Ace Remix)   Mindworx   2000
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Last updated: 30.03.2005

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