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Artistname: Solar Stone (Andy Bury & Rich Mowatt)

Date of birth: Unknown

Origin: UK

Interview: None available

Solar Stone (Andy Bury & Rich Mowatt)
Solar Stone, most famously known for their Seven Cities production which rocked the euphoric trance taste buds with one of the most magnificent productions of all time. But even before then, the boys from Birmingham Andy Bury and Richie Mowatt produced that wonder, they had previous quality productions on the massive Hooj label, as well as on their own Deep Blue Records label and others. With their 3 main guises Solar Stone, Z2, and Space Kittens representing different styles of production and remixing, they have taken to different genres of music, from house, to ambient, to epic to progressive, they've covered it all.

Now with 2002 just past, Solar Stone have been very busy in the studio, putting together beauties such as Speak in Sympathy with Elisabeth Fields on the vocals last year, as well as a release of 2 tracks they produced back in 2000 titled "Solarcoaster" and "Greenlight" which were shelved due to release reasons.

In early 2003, Andy and Rich released numerous tracks on their Deep Blue label, including their own "Release", and also "Destination", and also remixes of Young Parisians to name a few. As we continue this year, we will see more promising releases from the duo.
Production aliases:
  Bass Oddity      
  Liquid State      
  Sebatu (With Vocalist Kym Marsh)      
  Second Element (Rich Mowatt w/Billy M.)      
  Solar Stone      
  Space Kittens      
Production discography:
  Bass Oddity - Bass Oddity   White Label   1997
  Liquid State feat Marcella Woods - Falling   Perfecto   2002
  Sebatu - Prayer   Four D   1999
  Second Element - Underwaterfall   Unreleased   2002
  Sirocco - Destination   Deep Blue   2002
  Skyscraper - Jabberwock   Deep Blue Records   1999
  Skyscraper - The Hymn   Four D   1999
  Solar Stone - Day By Day   Hooj   1998
  Solar Stone - Greenlight   Lost Language   1998
  Solar Stone - Release   Deep Blue   2002
  Solar Stone - Seven Cities   Hooj   1999
  Solar Stone - So Clear   Hooj   1998
  Solar Stone - Solarcoaster   Lost Language   1998
  Solar Stone - The Calling   Hooj   1997
  Solar Stone feat. Elisabeth Fields - Speak in Sympathy   Deep Blue Records   2002
  Solar Stone vs Scott Bond - The 3rd Earth   Unreleased   2003
  Space Kittens - Aquanaut   Sunflower Vibes   1995
  Space Kittens - Dolphin   Sunflower Vibes   1995
  Space Kittens - Storm   Sunflower Vibes / Hooj   1995
  Z2 - Black Finished Chrome   Hooj   2001
  Z2 - I Want You   Deep Blue Records / Platipus   1999
  Z2 - Intracity   Unreleased   2002
  Z2 vs Dom Farrington - Herbgrinder   Deep Blue   2002
  Z2 vs Dom Farrington - Timechange   Deep Blue   2002
Remix discography:
  Chakra - Home (Solar Stone Mix)   Wea / Earth   2000
  Chris Bangs ft Rita Campbell - Warm Weather (Solar Stone Mix)   Incredible   2000
  Conjure One - Sleep (Solar Stone Afterhours Mix)   Nettwerk   2002
  Cygnus X - The Orange Theme (Solar Stone Mix)   Hooj Choons   2000
  Dominion - 11 Hours (Z2 Mix)   Whoop!   2000
  Ecano - Run (Z2 Mix)   Avantgarde   1999
  Energy 52 - Café del Mar (Solar Stone Mix)   Hooj Choons   1997
  Friends of Matthew - Out There (Solar Stone Mix)   DMC   1997
  Grace - Down to Earth (Cosmic Dub)   Perfecto   1996
  Grace - Down to Earth (Space Kittens Mix)   Perfecto   1996
  Human League - Stay With Me Tonight (Future Dub)   East West   1996
  Human League - Stay With Me Tonight (Space Kittens Vocal Mix)   East West   1996
  Illuminatus - Hope (Z2 Mix)   Avantgarde   1999
  Jan Johnston - Silent Words (Solar Stone Mix)   Perfecto   2001
  Jimmy Somerville - By Your Side (Miss You Like Crazy Mix)   London   1995
  Johann - New Kicks (Goa Mix)   Perfecto   1996
  Johann - New Kicks (Nu-Trance Mix)   Perfecto   1996
  Junk Project - Composure (Solar Stone Mix)   Liquid Asset   2001
  Koolworld - Invader (Solar Stone Mix)   Koolworld   1997
  Libra - Calling Your Name (Solar Stone Chillout Mix)   Unreleased   2002
  Liquid - Closer (Piano Mix)   XL   1993
  Liquid - Closer (Space Kittens Mix)   XL   1993
  Liquid State feat Marcella Woods - Falling (Solar Stone After Hours Mix)   Perfecto   2002
  Liquid State feat Marcella Woods - Falling (Solar Stone Dub)   Perfecto   2002
  Liquid State feat Marcella Woods - Falling (Solar Stone Mix)   Perfecto   2002
  Lisa Moorish - Mr. Friday Night (Space Kittens Mix)   Go Beat   1996
  Lost Witness - Angel (Solar Stone Mix)   Unreleased   2002
  Matt Darey - From Russia With Love (Solar Stone Deep Blue Mix)   Liquid Asset   2000
  Matt Darey - From Russia With Love (Solar Stone Red City Mix)   Liquid Asset   2000
  Matt Darey's Mash Up - Liberation (Solar Stone Dub)   Incentive   2000
  Matt Darey's Mash Up - Liberation (Solar Stone Mix)   Incentive   2000
  Mea Culpa - Spiritual Light (Z2 Mix)   Four D   2000
  Minds of Men - Brand New Day (Night in Paris Dub)   Perfecto / Kinetic   1996
  Minds of Men - Brand New Day (Space Kittens Vocal Mix)   Perfecto / Kinetic   1996
  Mona Lisa Overdrive - Born to Synthesize (Solar Stone Mix)   Platipus   2002
  Moonman - Galaxia (Solar Stone Mix)   Go For It / Heat   2000
  Paul Oakenfold - Southern Sun (Solar Stone Chillout Mix)   Perfecto   2002
  Planet Perfecto - Bullet in the Gun (Solar Stone Mix)   Perfecto   2000
  Raff N Freddy - Deep Progress (Z2 Mix)   Avantgarde   2000
  Sapphire - Never Be Lonely Again (Solar Stone Mix)   WEA   1997
  SFTG - Lean On Me (Solar Stone's Afterhours Mix)   Unreleased   2002
  Solar Stone - Day By Day (Solar Stone Dub)   Hooj Choons   1998
  Solar Stone - Jabberwock (Chillout Mix)   Unreleased   2002
  Solar Stone - Seven Cities (Solar Stone's Atlantis Mix)   Hooj Choons   1999
  Solar Stone - Seven Cities (Solar Stone's Coastal Mix)   Hooj Choons   1999
  Solar Stone - The Calling (Chillout Mix)   Unreleased   2002
  Solar Stone - The Calling (Inner Peace Mix)   Hooj Choons   1997
  Solar Stone - The Calling (Still Waters Mix)   Hooj Choons   1997
  Solar Stone feat. Elisabeth Fields - Speak in Sympathy (Deeper Mix)   Deep Blue Records   2002
  Solar Stone feat. Elisabeth Fields - Speak in Sympathy (Solar Stone Dub)   Unreleased   2002
  Sounds From the Ground ft. Colein - Lean on Me (Solarstone Afterhours Mix)   Nettwerk   2002
  Space Kittens - Storm (Disco Mix)   Hooj Choons   1996
  Space Kittens - Storm (Kittens 96 Mix)   Hooj Choons   1996
  Space Manoeuvres - Stage One (Solar Stone Mix)   Hooj Choons   2000
  The Conductor & The Cowboy - Feeling This Way (Solar Stone Dub)   Unreleased   2000
  The Conductor & The Cowboy - Feeling This Way (Solar Stone Mix)   Serious   2000
  Urban Cookie Collective - Ain't it a Shame (Solar Stone Dub)   Pulse   1997
  Urban Cookie Collective - Ain't it a Shame (Solar Stone Vocal Mix)   Pulse   1997
  V8 - Temptation (Skyscaper Mix)   Deep Blue Records   1999
  Young Parisians - You Write The Rules (Solar Stone Mix)   Deep Blue   2002
  Z2 - Intracity (Solarstone Solstice Mix)   Unreleased   2002
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Last updated: 25.02.2003

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