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Artistname: Andy Perring aka Pulser

Date of birth: Unknown

Origin: UK

Interview: Click here

Andy Perring aka Pulser
Pulser, Insigma and Olmecheads. Names which have come up over and over again as top production acts over the past few years, and they have all one thing in common. They've all gone through the production of Andy Perring. Definitely one of my favourite producers of all time, with more sought after records in the past 2 years than most other artists/producers in the circuit. Pulser - Cloudwalking, and Insigma - Open Your Eyes are 2 tracks which appear time and time again as master piece productions and have had people spending over $100 on each alone to add to home collections.

Being brought up on a diet of Pink Floyd, Depeche Mode and Jean Michele Jarre, and having a great interest in music technology from an early age, Andy Perring spent years developing his talents before ever sending out a single demo. His first efforts in the dance scene were on the live circuit. In 1990 Andy secured two high profile support slots with Nine Inch Nails and Frontline Assembly (now known as Delirium) playing Industrial/Techno. This hard style soon gave way to more musical forms when Andy discovered the early Rave scene

With his own record label Activation Music, Andy is able to put out his own sound on the label with his first release under IJA which was deemed a big success with its release in 2001. Further tracks from Activation come from his good friend Stuart Lange, and more is to follow this upcoming year!

Collaborations with Lange, Steve Helstrip of Thrillseekers and West Coggle have put together the finest names in modern trance and collated them to several quality record labels. Namely Trance Communications, Colourbox and Neo Records, and this is set to continue over the next few years as Andy builds up his Production Resume further, as well as putting forward more much sought after DJ sets.

As 2002 continue forward, Andy sees a re-release of Cloudwalking with a few 'special' remixes which i:Vibes will in time show, and also his upcoming single release titled "Into the Light" which is also set to become a big big track for the summer.
Production aliases:
  Basstarts (With Stuart Lange)      
  Insigma (With Steve Helstrip)      
  Olmecheads (With West Coggle)      
  Sacred (With Danny Kirsch)      
  Trinity Project      
Production discography:
  Basstarts - Atacama   White   2002
  Basstarts - Summer in Space   White   2002
  Elemental - I Want You   White Label   2000
  IJA - Atlantic Shores   Activation   2001
  Insigma - Avalon   ATCR Unreleased   2003
  Insigma - Evolution   ATCR   2000
  Insigma - Insigma   ATCR   2000
  Insigma - Open Your Eyes   VC / ATCR   2000
  Insigma - Open Your Eyes (Timeless)   ATCR Unreleased   2002
  Olmecheads - Deliverance   Colourbox / UCMG   1997
  Olmecheads - Lift Off   Tide / Colourbox   1998
  Olmecheads - Magicman   Neo   2000
  Olmecheads - New Skies   Colourbox   1998
  Olmecheads - Promises   Colourbox   1999
  Olmecheads - Spiritualised   Neo / Byte   1999
  Olmecheads - The Return   Unknown   2002
  Pulser - Cloudwalking   ATCR   2000
  Pulser - Into the Light   Unreleased   2002
  Pulser - Lightwave   ATCR   2000
  Pulser - My Religion   ATCR   2003
  Pulser - Square One   Unreleased   2000
  Sacred feat Jo Breezer - Waiting For You   N2 / Evolve Unreleased   2002
  The Trinity Project - Frequencies   Sublime   2001
  The Trinity Project - Mindgate   Sublime   2000
  The Trinity Project - Trinity Part 1   Sublime   2000
Remix discography:
  Apollo 440 - Heart Go Boom (Olmecheads Mix)   Epic   1999
  Blue Horizon - The Journey (Pulser Mix)   Mainline   2002
  Dario G - Feels Like Heaven (Pulser Mix)   Manifesto   2001
  Dee Dee - Forever (Pulser Dub Mix)   Incentive   2002
  Dee Dee - Forever (Pulser Vocal Mix)   Incentive   2002
  DJ Encore feat Engelina - I See Right Through To You (Pulser Mix)   AM:PM   2002
  DJ Hitchhiker pres Lunatic Asylum - Cabal (Energy Flow) (Pulser Mix)   Nebula   2000
  Elemental - I Want You (Pulser Mix)   White Label   2000
  En Motion - Truth (Pulser Mix)   IDJ   2000
  Ernst & Ben - Provider (Pulser Mix)   IDJ / Incentive   1999
  Goldenscan - Sunrise (Pulser Mix)   ATCR   2000
  Hurriance No. 1 - Rising Sign (Olmecheads Mix)   Creation   1998
  Inflexion - Pure (Olmecheads Mix)   Neo   1999
  John '00' Fleming - Alpha 5 (Olmecheads Mix)   React   1999
  Jose Amnesia - The Eternal (Pulser Mix)   VC   2001
  Lovechild - Gloria (Olmecheads Mix)   Perfecto   1999
  M - Pop Musik (Olmecheads Mix)   White Label   1999
  Maj Na Damu - Samsara (Pulser Mix)   ????   2001
  Matt Darey pres Mash Up - Beautiful (Pulser Mix)   Incentive   2001
  Miasma - Falling (Pulser Mix)   Neo   2000
  Moby - Natural Blues (Olmecheads Mix)   Mute   2000
  Pascal Device - I Had a Dream (Olmecheads Mix)   Tide   1998
  Pulser - Cloudwalking (Astral Mix)   ATCR   2000
  Robin Scott - Pop (Olmecheads Mix)   Y2K   1999
  Space Brothers - Heaven Will Come (Olmecheads Mix)   Manifesto   1999
  Sunburst - Eyeball (Pulser Mix)   Nebula   2000
  The Rapid Eye - Alderaan (Olmecheads Mix)   Neo   1999
  The Trinity Project - Mindgate (Pulser Mix)   Sublime   2000
  Tom Stevens vs Korma Project - Outface 2000 (Olmecheads Mix)   IDJ   2000
  Tom Wax & Jan Jacarta - Wormhole (Pulser Mix)   Southeast   2000
  Trinity Project - Mindgate (Pulser Mix)   Sublime   2001
  Trouser Enthusiasts - Sweet Release (Olmecheads Mix)   Delirious   1999
  Unknown Artist - Lifting Me Up (Pulser Mix)   Bullet Proof   2002
  Van Gils & De Goeij - I Don't Need You Anymore (Olmecheads Mix)   Good As   2000
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Last updated: 23.03.2003

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