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Artistname: Sasha

Date of birth: Unknown

Origin: Bangor, North Wales

Interview: None available

Born in a small town in North Wales, it was obvious that Alexander Coe had a love for music. He changed his DJ name to Sasha (Russian equivalent of Alexander).

He started his career like a lot of other DJ’s, by playing at illegal venues, until he got the chance to play at one of the most famous clubs ever, Renaissance. There he embarked on a new era, together with John Digweed. It wasn’t long before they made a reputation, and people from a far came to see them spin.

In 1994 they had the brilliant idea to capture some of the music that was being played at Renaissance. Sasha & John Digweed worked together on what was the first club mix ever: 3 CD’s of early 90’s house/trance. This has got to be one of the rarest albums ever, with artwork that you do not see anymore.

Then he started with John Digweed another mix album series, Northern Exposure, which has already 3 albums, and has sold over 1 million copies up-to-date. The first one leans more to ambient trance (CD1) and progressive trance (CD2), while the second instalment has changed, and focuses on a lot of different genres, such as breakbeat (Finished Symphony), vocal (Furry Phreaks), and then somewhat harder (Sven Vath). The last Northern Exposure called Expeditions is more progressive then any other.

When he released ‘Arkham Asylum/Ohmna’ in 1996, he didn’t know that it would become one of his best records ever, two dark progressive monsters, that lets you crave for more. That same year, he worked with vocalist Maria Naylar on ‘Be As One’, and on the b-side of that was a collobaration with BT: ‘Hears Of Imagination’.

Although most of his own productions were released on the ‘Deconstruction’ label, he decided to form his own label called ‘Excession’. It has had a lot of great productions, such as ‘Voices Of Kwahn’ and ‘Cosmic Duo’.

He must have liked working together with Brian Transeau, because in 1998, he did another collaboration with him under the disguise ‘2 Phat Cunts’ on the Yoshitoshi label. It’s breakbeat to the fullest.

2001 brought back his productions with the ‘Xpander EP’: 4 different tracks ‘Baja’, ‘Belfunk’, ‘Rabbitweed’ and ‘Xpander’.

Sasha has done everything, played everywhere. He had a world famous residency in New York’s finest club ‘Twilo’, but that club has been shut down by the government.

Right now, he is finishing off his first album, together with Junkie XL in Holland, and if you know how good Xpander was, then you know what to expect from his album.
Production aliases:
  2 Phat Cunts (Sasha & BT)      
  Cabana (Sasha & Tom Frederikse)      
  Elisium (Sasha & John Graham)      
  Evolution & Sasha      
  Freaky Dreamer      
  M People Meets Sasha      
Production discography:
  2 Phat Cunts (Sasha and BT) – Ride   Yoshitoshi   1998
  B.M.EX – Appolonia   7PM   1992
  B.M.EX – Feel The Drop   7PM   1992
  Cabana (Sasha and Tom Frederikse) – Bailando Con Lobos   Hi-Life Recordings   1995
  Elisium (Sasha and John Graham) – Part One   EMI   1995
  Evolution and Sasha – Came outa Nowhere   Positive   1990
  Evolution and Sasha – Metropolis   Positive   1991
  Freaky Dreamer – Freaky Dreamer   Deconstruction   1990
  Junkie XL & Sasha - Breezer   ??   2002
  M People meets Sasha – Someday   Deconstruction   1992
  Radio JXL - Beauty Never Fades (co-produced by Sasha)   ????   2002
  Sasha & James Holden – Bloodlock   BMG   2002
  Sasha and BT – Heart Of Imagination   Deconstruction   1996
  Sasha and Danny Campbell – Together   FFRR   1993
  Sasha and Darren Emerson – Scorchio   Excession   2000
  Sasha and Maria Naylar – Love is the God   Deconstruction   1998
  Sasha and Maria Naylar – The Other Side   Deconstruction   1998
  Sasha and Maria Nayler – Be As One   Deconstruction   1996
  Sasha – Animal Qat   Deconstruction   1994
  Sasha – Arkham Asylum   Deconstruction   1996
  Sasha – Artificial Heart   BMG   2003
  Sasha – Auricom   Sony   1999
  Sasha – Baja   Deconstruction   1999
  Sasha – Belfunk   Deconstruction   1999
  Sasha – Boileroom   BMG   2002
  Sasha – Cloud Cuckoo   BMG   2002
  Sasha – Drempels   BMG   2002
  Sasha – Feisar   Sony   1999
  Sasha – Fundamental   BMG   2002
  Sasha – Golden Arm   BMG   2002
  Sasha – Gotecki 45   Sony   1999
  Sasha – Higher Ground   Deconstruction   1994
  Sasha – Icaras   Sony   1999
  Sasha – Immortal   BMG   2002
  Sasha – Lupus   Sony   1999
  Sasha – Magic   Deconstruction   1994
  Sasha – Magic Dub   Deconstruction   1994
  Sasha – Magnetic North   BMG   2002
  Sasha – Minimal Qat   Deconstruction   1994
  Sasha – Motorola   BMG   2003
  Sasha – Mr Tiddles   BMG   2002
  Sasha – Ohmna   Deconstruction   1996
  Sasha – Pirhana   Sony   1999
  Sasha – Rabbitweed   Deconstruction   1999
  Sasha – Requiem   BMG   2002
  Sasha – Vegetable Qat   Deconstruction   1994
  Sasha – Wavy Gravy   BMG   2002
  Sasha – Xpander   Deconstruction   1999
Remix discography:
  Alexander O`Niel - In the Middle (The Glam Slam Mix)   AM & PM   1993
  Alexander O`Niel - In the Middle (The Qat concept mix)   AM & PM   1993
  Beloved - The Sun rising (Sasha Remix)   EHC 02A   1993
  Brothers In Rhythm - Such A Good Feeling (Sasha Violence and Discord Mix)   4th & Broadway   1993
  BT - Embracing the Sunshine (Sasha Deeper Future Dub)   East West   1995
  BT - Embracing the Sunshine (Sasha Remix)   East West   1995
  BT - Remember (Sasha Remix)   Perfecto   1997
  Chemical Brothers - Out Of Control (Sasha Club mix Instrumental)   Virgin   1999
  Chemical Brothers - Out Of Control (Sasha Club mix)   Virgin   1999
  Creative Thieves - Nasty Rhythm (Sasha MFI Mix)   Stress   1991
  D-Ream - U R The Best Thing (Sasha Dub Mix)   FXU   1992
  D-Ream - U R The Best Thing (Sasha Full Mix)   FXU   1992
  Donna Gardier - Good Thing (Sasha In Japan Mix)   Virgin   1991
  Donna Gardier - Good Thing (Sasha In North London Mix)   Virgin   1991
  E-zee Posse - Love On Love (Sasha Love Dub)   More Protein   1993
  E-zee posse - Love On Love (Sasha Love)   More Protein   1993
  E-zee Posse - Love On Love (Sasha Vocal Dub)   More Protein   1993
  Eat Static - Gulf Breeze (Sasha`s Qat Mix)   Planet Dog   1994
  Evolution - Cant Stop The Feeling (Sasha Remix)   Positive   1990
  Evolution - Metropolis (Sasha Remix)   Positive   1990
  Gus Gus - Purple (Sasha Vs. The Light)   4AD   1998
  Gus Gus - Purple (Sasha`s Midnight in Reykjavik)   4AD   1998
  Hedningarna - Kruspolska (Qat Dub)   China   1994
  Hedningarna - Kruspolska (Sasha`s Munchkin Mix)   China   1994
  Horse - Careful (Sasha`s Horse With No Name)   Stress   1997
  Horse - Careful (Sasha`s Mix)   Stress   1997
  House Of Zekkeriyas - Secret Star (Qatastrophic Vox Mix)   WEA   1993
  House Of Zekkeriyas - Secret Star (Renaissance Dub)   WEA   1993
  House Of Zekkeriyas - Secret Star (Sasha Mix)   WEA   1993
  Hysterix - Talk to Me (Sasha Dub)   Rebirth QV   1995
  Hysterix - Talk to Me (Sasha Full Music Master)   Rebirth QV   1995
  Jimi Polo - Better Days (Sasha Remix)   Rebirth   1991
  Jomanda - Never (Qat Mix)   Atlantic   1993
  Jomanda - Never (Sasha Instrumental)   Atlantic   1993
  Jomanda - Never (Sasha Remix)   Atlantic   1993
  Judy Cheeks - So In Love (Qat Mix)   Positiva   1993
  Judy Cheeks - So In Love (Sasha Soak Mix)   Positiva   1993
  LondonBeat - Sea Of tranquility (Ambient Mix)   BMG   1992
  M People - How Can I love you More (Sasha Ambient Dub)   Deconstruction   1992
  M People - How Can I love you More (Sasha Master Mix)   Deconstruction   1992
  M People - Someday (Sasha Full tension Mix)   Deconstruction   1992
  Madonna - Drowned World (BT and Sasha Bucklodge Ashram Remix)   Maverick   1998
  Madonna - Ray of Light (Sasha Strip Down Mix)   WEA   1998
  Madonna - Ray of Light (Sasha Twilo Mix)   Deconstruction   1992
  Madonna - Ray of Light (Sasha Ultra Violet Mix)   Deconstruction   1992
  Madonna - Sky fits Heaven (Sasha Mix)   ???   1992
  Marina Van-Rooy - Let you Go (Sasha Dub Mix)   Deconstruction   1991
  Marina Van-Rooy - Let you Go (Sasha Positive 7"mix)   Deconstruction   1991
  Marina Van-Rooy - Let you Go (Sasha Positve Mix)   Deconstruction   1991
  Mr Fingers - Closer (Sasha Jazz Odyssey Mix)   MCA   1992
  Orbital - Midnight (Sasha Remix)   FFRR   1991
  Ozo & Mighty Biafra - Anambra Part 1 (Sasha Mix)   Riot   1992
  Pet Shop Boys - West End Girls (Sasha Qat Dub)   Parlaphone   1993
  Pet Shop Boys - West End Girls (Sasha Qat Mix)   Parlaphone   1993
  Reese Project - Colour Of Love (Sasha Remix)   Network   1992
  Rusty - Everythings gonna Change (Sasha Dub Mix)   Stress   1992
  Rusty - Everythings gonna Change (Sasha Vocal Dub)   Stress   1992
  Rusty - Everythings gonna Change (Sasha Vocal mix)   Stress   1992
  Sasha & Danny Campbell - Together (Qat Dub)   FFrr   1993
  Sasha & Danny Campbell - Together (Sasha's Reunited Club Mix)   FFrr   1993
  Sasha & Danny Campbell - Together (Sasha's United Club Mix)   FFrr   1993
  Sasha - Magic (Sasha's Black Magic Mix)   Deconstruction   1994
  Seal - I`m Alive (Sasha & BT Atraxion Future Mix)   ZTT   1995
  Sounds of Blackness – I’m Going All The Way (Sasha Soak Mix)   A&M   1993
  Sounds of Blackness – I’m Going All The Way (Sashas Chuff Chuff Mix)   A&M   1993
  Sounds of Blackness – I’m Going All The Way (Sashas Qat Dub)   A&M   1993
  The Reese Project - Direct me (Sasha 3am Drop Mix)   Network   1992
  Third World - Now That We Found Love (Sasha Mix)   DMC   1991
  Together - Storming Heaven (Sasha Remix)   Thumbs Up   1992
  U.N.K.L.E. - An Eye for An Eye (Sasha Mix)   Universal   2003
  Unique 3 - No More (Sasha club mix)   Ten   1991
  Unique 3 - No More (Sasha Dub tip Mix)   Ten   1991
  Up your Ronson - Lost In Love (Sasha remix)   ????   1991
  Urban Soul - Alright (Sasha Remix)   Cooltempo   1990
  Urban Soul - Alright (Sasha String Mix)   Cooltempo   1990
  Urban soul - Always (Sasha Full Music Mix)   Cooltempo   1992
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