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Artistname: Way Out West

Date of birth: Unknown

Origin: Bristol, UK

Interview: None available

Way Out West
Tru Funk Posse, the little known teen hip hoppers from Bristol, which consisted of Jody Wisternoff and his younger brother was a bit of a phenomenon back when they were using what was then, state-of-the-art production equipment. After years of swiveling within the hiphop genre, Jody met up with Nick Warren, another Bristolian who was well into a different side of things, a more dancey house influenced side which saw an interesting start to one of the most dynamic and innovative producers today.

What some consider as a fusion between breakbeat, trance and house, and others consider to be classical electro dance music, whatever it is, Jody and Nick and their Way Out West guise have been tearing the boundaries for almost 10 years now.

In 2003, they have an upcoming album set for a release containing some of the unreleased and new material, so look forward to some more massive WoW soon!
Production aliases:
  Way Out West      
Production discography:
  Echo - Avalanche   Peace of the Act   1993
  Echo - The Jug   Peace of the Act   1993
  Way Out West - Ajare   Deconstruction   1997
  Way Out West - Bitch   Deconstruction Promo?   1995
  Way Out West - Blue   Deconstruction   1997
  Way Out West - Dancehall Tornado   Deconstruction   1997
  Way Out West - Domination   Deconstruction   1997
  Way Out West - Drive By   Deconstruction   1997
  Way Out West - Earth   Deconstruction   1997
  Way Out West - Enlightenment   Distinctive Breaks   2000
  Way Out West - Hypnotise   Way Out West   2000
  Way Out West - Intensify   Distinctive Breaks   2001
  Way Out West - King of the Funk   Deconstruction   1997
  Way Out West - Man With No Name??   Spiral Cut   1990
  Way Out West - Mindcircus   Distinctive Breaks   2002
  Way Out West - Montana   Deconstruction / Terra Ferma   1994
  Way Out West - Music For the Libraries   Terra Ferma   1994
  Way Out West - Questions Never Answered   Deconstruction   1997
  Way Out West - Redemption   Way Out West   2000
  Way Out West - Sequoia   Deconstruction   1997
  Way Out West - Shoot   Terra Ferma   1994
  Way Out West - Spike   Way Out West   2000
  Way Out West - Stealth   Distinctive Breaks   2002
  Way Out West - The Fall   Way Out West   2000
  Way Out West - The Gift   Deconstruction   1996
  Way Out West - UB Devoid   BMG   2000
  Way Out West vs Art of Noise - Lost in a Dream   ZTT Limited Edition Promo   1998
Remix discography:
  108 Grand - Tonight (Way Out West Mix)   Fresh   1996
  A Certain Ratio - Tekno (4 an Answer) (Way Out West Mix)   Rob's Records   1993
  A Certain Ratio - Wild Party (Way Out West Mix)   Rob's Records   1994
  Antarctica - Return to Reality (Way Out West Mix)   React   2000
  Anthony White - Love me Tonight (Way Out West Mix)   Stress   1994
  Art of Noise - Wet Dream (Way Out West Mix)   ZTT   1998
  BBE - Desire (Way Out West Mix)   Positiva   1997
  Bel Canto - We've Got To Work It Out (Way Out West Mix)   Good Groove   1995
  Bluefish - One (Way Out West Mix)   Quad   2001
  BT - Shame (Way Out West Mix)   Nettwerk   2001
  Caspar Pound - Pioneers of the Warped Groove (Way Out West Breakz Mix)   Hope   1999
  Castle Trancelott - Indoctrinate (Way Out West Mix)   Slate   1996
  Clanger - Seadog (Way Out West Mix)   Platipus   1997
  DFM - Lovin' U (Way Out West Dub)   Mud Hut   2000
  DFM - Lovin' U (Way Out West Mix)   Mud Hut   2000
  Ding Fei Fei - Forgotten Moon (Way Out West Club Mix)   Infusion   2001
  Ding Fei Fei - Forgotten Moon (Way Out West Dub)   Infusion   2001
  Ding Fei Fei - Forgotten Moon (Way Out West Vocal Mix)   Infusion   2001
  DJ Tiesto - Urban Train (Way Out West Mix)   VC Recordings   2001
  Dubstar - Not so Manic Now (Way Out West Mix)   EMI   1995
  Dubstar - Stars (Way Out West Mix)   Food / EMI   1996
  Echo - Avalanche (Way Out West Acid Mix)   Peace of the Act   1993
  Echo - The Jug (Highland Mix)   Peace of the Act   1993
  Echo - The Jug (Tibetan Mix)   Peace of the Act   1993
  Echo - The Jug (Way Out West Mix)   Peace of the Act   1993
  Eight - I Believe in Emotion (Way Out West Mix)   Produce   1993
  Faithless - Salva Mea (Way Out West Club Mix)   Cheeky   1997
  Faithless - Salva Mea (Way Out West Mix)   Cheeky   1997
  Flybaby - Fiesta (Way Out West Mix)   Terra Ferma   1994
  Freakpower - New Direction (Way Out West Mix)   Chrysalis / Island   1996
  Freefall feat Jan Johnston - Skydive (Way Out West Instrumental Mix)   Renaissance   2000
  Freefall feat Jan Johnston - Skydive (Way Out West Vocal Mix)   Renaissance   2000
  Futurasound - Call My Name (Way Out West Instrumental Mix)   Blanco Y Negro / F111   2000
  Futurasound - Call My Name (Way Out West Vocal Mix)   Blanco Y Negro / F111   2000
  Harmonix - Landslide (Way Out West Edit)   Deconstruction   1996
  Harmonix - Landslide (Way Out West Mix)   Deconstruction   1996
  Hybrid - If I Survive (Way Out West Dub)   Distinctive / Jive   1999
  Hybrid - If I Survive (Way Out West Mix)   Distinctive / Jive   1999
  Inner City - Good Life (Buena Vida) (Way Out West Spanish Vocal Mix)   Play it Again Sam   1999
  Inner City - Good Life (Buena Vida) (Way Out West Vocal Mix)   Play it Again Sam   1999
  James Holden - Horizons (Way Out West Mix)   Silver Planet   2000
  Joi - Asian Vibes (Way Out West Mix)   Real World   1999
  Jonathan Peters (Luminaire) - Flower Duet (Way Out West Mix)   Pelican   1996
  Jose Padilla - Sabor de Verano (Way Out West Mix)   React   1996
  Jose Padilla - Still Waters (Way Out West Mix)   Other   1993
  Joshua Ryan - Pistolwhip (Way Out West Mix)   NuLife   2000
  JX - Nothing I Won't Do (Way Out West Mix)   Hooj / FFrr   1996
  Kamasutra - Censored (Way Out West Mix)   Transworld   1995
  Karen Ramirez - Troubled Girl (Way Out West Mix)   Manifesto   1998
  Kosheen - Catch (Way Out West Dub)   Moksha Promo   2000
  Kosheen - Catch (Way Out West Mix)   Moksha   2000
  Last Rhythm (Italia) - Last Rhythm (Way Out West Mix)   Stress   1996
  Lightning Seeds - Life's Too Short (Way Out West Dub)   Epic   1996
  Lightning Seeds - Life's Too Short (Way Out West Mix)   Epic   1996
  Liquid - One Love Family (Way Out West Mix)   XL   1995
  Liquid - Sweet Harmony (Way Out West Mix)   XL   1995
  Liquid Child - Diving Faces '99 (Way Out West Mix)   Neo   1998
  Lost Witness - Happiness Happening (Way Out West Mix)   Ministry of Sound   1999
  Lucky Monkey's - Bjango (Way Out West Bjangin' Dub)   Hi Life   1996
  Lucky Monkey's - Bjango (Way Out West Bjangin' Mix)   Hi Life   1996
  Lustral - Broken (Way Out West Mix)   Hooj   2002
  Lustral - Everytime (Way Out West Sunrise Mix)   Hooj   1999
  M People - Just for You (Way Out West Mix)   BMG   1997
  Marcella Detroit & Elton John (Real Calm) - I Feel Free (Way Out West Cry Out Lo   London   1994
  Marco Zaffarano - The Band (Way Out West Mix)   Silver Planet   1997
  Move - Around the World (Way Out West Mix)   Avex   2000
  Move - Words of the Mind (Way Out West Mix)   Avex   2000
  Natalie Imbruglia - Smoke (Way Out West Mix 1)   BMG   1998
  Natalie Imbruglia - Smoke (Way Out West Mix 2)   BMG   1998
  Orbital - Nothing Left (Way Out West Mix)   FFrr   1999
  Paul van Dyk - For an Angel (Way Out West Mix)   Mute / Deviant   1998
  Poseidon - Supertransonic (Jody's Way Out West Mix)   Hope   1999
  Real Calm - I Feel Free (Way Out West Cry Out Loud Mix)   London   1994
  Real Calm - I Feel Free (Way Out West Dub)   London   1994
  Republica - Bitch (Way Out West Mix)   Deconstruction   1996
  Respect & Hanna Jones - Young Hearts Run Free (Way Out West Mix)   Almighty   1995
  Roni Size - Share the Fall (Way Out West Mix)   Talkin Loud / Mercury   1997
  Royal T - Coming Back For More (Way Out West Instrumental Mix)   Almighty   1994
  Royal T - Coming Back For More (Way Out West Mix)   Almighty   1994
  Sasha - Magic (Way Out West Mix)   Deconstruction   1994
  Sattva - Echo of Silence (Way Out West Mix)   Xplosion   2003
  Section-X - Atlantis (Way Out West Mix)   Perfecto   1997
  St. Etienne - Angel (Way Out West Mix)   Heavenly   1996
  Subliminal Cuts - Le Voie Le Soleil (Way Out West 1996 Club Mix)   XL   1996
  Subliminal Cuts - Le Voie Le Soleil (Way Out West Summer of Love Mix)   XL   1994
  Submarine - Sunbeam (Way Out West 12" Mix)   Kinetic / Reprise   2000
  Submarine - Sunbeam (Way Out West Edit)   Kinetic / Reprise   2000
  Submarine - Sunbeam (Way Out West Vocal Dub)   Kinetic / Reprise   2000
  Sunscreem - Perfect Motion (Way Out West Mix)   Five AM / Bonzai   2002
  Tarrentella - Karma (Way Out West Mix)   Whoop   2002
  The Orb - Toxygene (Way Out West Begbie Mix)   Island   1997
  The Tabernacle - I Know the Lord (Way Out West Epic Mix)   Good Groove   1996
  Traffic - A Number One (Way Out West Mix)   Unreleased (Set for release on upcoming album)   2001
  Ultraviolet - Heaven (Way Out West Mix)   Silver Planet   2000
  Way Out West - Ajare (Way Out West Mix)   Deconstruction   1997
  Way Out West - Blue (Way Out West Club Mix)   Deconstruction   1996
  Way Out West - Domination (Way Out West Dub)   Deconstruction   1996
  Way Out West - Mindcircus (Way Out West Mix)   Distinctive Breaks   2002
  Way Out West - Montana (Sub-Bass Trance Mix)   Terra Ferma   1994
  X-Press - Tranz Euro Express (Way Out West Mix)   Junior Boys Own   1996
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Last updated: 15.02.2003

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