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Artistname: Chris Fortier

Date of birth: Unknown

Origin: USA

Interview: None available

Chris Fortier
Known as one of the most well respected and liked members of the DJ circuit, Chris Fortier started his career as resident at the infamous "Aahz" clubnights in Orlando, Florida during the early nineties. These visionary nights served as a platform to not only bring such international talent as Sasha, John Digweed and Dave Seaman to America for the first time, but to establishan "Orlando" sound that would become synonymous with clubbers and DJs alike for years to come.

Almost a decade on, Chris' career has seen him achieve world-wide chart success with his Sanctuary remix of Delirium's "Silence" and a DJ career that has seen him play the world's finest venues alongside his peers. In addition, Chris has also been instrumental in developing the "progressive sound" in America through his very successful promotional record service as well as starting and developing numerous careers of many established US and UK artists.

In the early days of a very young American scene, Chris surrounded by other US pioneers, such as DJ Icey, Rabbit in the Moon and Jimmy Van M, Chris quickly established himself in the studio alongside one-time surf competitor Neil Kolo. On their own imprint, Fade became the leading force in Orlando's critically acclaimed movement with a number of singles, including the much sought after "Heaven to Heaven." The Pair were signed up to a UK imprint fora multi-single deal and remixes followed; firstly for other Floridafavourites, Kimball & Dekkard, and then for the likes of BT, Sam Mollison, Space Brothers, Sounds of Blackness, Heliotropic, not forgetting the classical reworking of Future Force's "What You Want." More recently, they have been featured twiddling the knobs on Highland, Mara, and Angel, Along with forth coming Sarah Mclachlan and Bedrock mixes, the pair are currently finishing demos for a proposed as yet unsigned album and a pending EP for Perfecto.

As Chris' productions gained notoriety across the pond, so did his Djing with regular tours around the UK alongside long-time friend John Digweed, Tours for Northern Exposure, and Bedrock helped develop Chris' name as acredible force in Europe, where he is still currently found playing the continent's top venues at least one weekend a month.

In the US, after a recent move to New York, he has joined Twilo as one of their new residents, joining Dave Seaman for the clubs successful bi-monthly Saturday events. Aware from the glare of New York, Chris remains one of the hardest working DJs across America with a genuine love for his craft. He has held residencies up and down the US, notably at Icon in Orlando and at Avant Guarde in Mexico City. Chris was one of the first to release a compilation CD in the States, a typically original move at the time and has realised four more in the space of the last three years.

Away from the studio and the decks, Chris takes great pride in his role at Balance Promote Group. While Jimmy Van M established the touring side of the organisation, Chris has developed the record service as America's premier choice for labels to promote their product in the States. As a perennial driving force within the U.S industry it has been a powerful vehicle to kickstart the U.S scene into the ever growing healthy state it is currently in.

Source: www.protonradio.com

Production aliases:
  Chris Fortier      
Production discography:
  ALPHA mixed CD by Chris Fortier      
  Calyx - Lupee (NETH Journey)      
  Calyx - The Coming      
  Chris Fortier - Whateveritis   Fade Promo   2003
  Fade - ...For All The People   Fade 001   1994
  Fade - All I Got   Fade 001   1994
  Fade - Come To Me (featuring Dauby) *unreleased      1994
  Fade - Come to Me (featuring Denise Beserock) * unreleased album track      1994
  Fade - Heaven to Heaven   Fade 004   1997
  Fade - Light to Motion   Perfecto   2001
  Fade - No Resolve (featuring Dauby)      1997
  Fade - Nothing to Lose (featuring Denise Beserock) * unreleased album track      1997
  Fade - Sanctuaries CD (the Fade Records Collection)      1997
  Fade - Searching *unreleased      1997
  Fade - See Things from My Side * unreleased album track      1997
  Fade - Separaton   Fade 002   1995
  Fade - So Good   Fade 003   1995
  Fade - The Love (featuring Dauby)   Fade 006   1997
  Fade - The Passage *unreleased      1997
  Fade - Wonderful * unreleased album track      1997
  Fade - Your Protection (featuring Luce Drayton)      1997
  Nutribe - The Forest      1997
  Psiphonic - Coil      1997
  Psiphonic - Echo For Gazza      1997
  Psiphonic - The Unknown      1997
Remix discography:
  Ambassador - The Fade (Fade Remix)   Platipus   1998
  Andy Hunter - Amazing (Fade's Bionic Sanctuary Mix)   Nettwerk   2003
  Angel - Amazone (Fade's Sanctuary Non Vocal Mix)   XTC 059   2000
  Angel - Amazone (Fade's Sanctuary Vocal Mix)   XTC 059   2000
  Angel - Kites (Fade's Alterntive Dub 2)   3 Beat 053   2000
  Angel - Kites (Fade's Sanctuary Mix)   3 Beat 053   2000
  Argonauts - Sommertag (Fade Mix)   Kinetic   1998
  Aurora - Just Can't Stop (UK)      2000
  Boston Bruins - Raise Your Hands (US)      2000
  BT - Quark (Fade Mix)   Perfecto A-8715   1996
  Carissa Mandovi - Solid Ground (Fade Vocal Dub Mix)   Eve Records 048   2001
  Chris & James ft Sally Rodgers - Ghosts (Fade's Haunted House Mix)   Stress 071F   1998
  Delerium feat. Sarah McLachlan - Silence (Original Fade Sanctuary Mix)   Nettwerk / SPV Germany   2000
  DJ Icey vs Fade - Your Love (US)      2000
  DJ Tiesto - In My Memory (Fade's Sanctuary Mix)   Nettwerk   2002
  EBTG - Five Fathoms (US)      2000
  Franco & Grimm - Latex Lover (NETH)      2000
  Fred Numf vs Five Point O - Globalisation (Fade's Knowtechnow Mix)   Progressive 02   2002
  Future Force - What You Want (UK)      2002
  Grimm - Frobidden Playground (NETH)      2002
  Hardcorey & Martini - We Got A Love (UK)      2002
  Helioptropic - Alive (UK)      2002
  Highland - Forsaken (AUS)      2002
  Inertia - Ageing (Fade Mix)   Future Groove   2002
  Karma - Ganesha (UK)      2002
  Kimball & Dekkard - Starlife (US)      2002
  Mara - Song For Zoe (Fade Mix)   Choo Choo 019   2001
  Marathon - Movin'      2001
  Mr. Happy - Come Back To Love (UK)      2001
  Noel Sanger - Miracle (US)      2001
  Oko Tek - Luminous (Fade Mix)   Bedrock 020   2001
  Pendulum - I Need You (Fade Mix)   Mindwarp 03   
  Reefa - Send Our Spirit High (Fade Mix)   Unknown   
  Sam Mollison - Cry (Fade DMC Mix)   DMC   1996
  Sarah Mclaughlan - Plenty (Fade Mix)   Nettwerk   2001
  SM - Plenty (NO)      1996
  Soul Surfers - Slip (UK)      1996
  Sounds of Blackness - Pressure (UK)      2001
  Source of Gravity - Deception (Fade Mix)   Gravitation 001   2001
  Space Brothers - Shine (Fade's Vocal Sanctuary)   Manifesto 023   1997
  Spiro - Searchin' for Love (US)      1997
  Sublime - The Theme (Fade Mix)   23rd Precinct 100   1999
  Subliminal - Walk Away (US)      1999
  Subliminal Cuts - Le Voie Le Soliel (Fade Mix)   XL Recordings 053   1996
  Viola Wills - It's My Pleasure (US)      1996
  Weed - If Only (CAN)      1996
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