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Hi Music Lovers!

Again a little update from my side of what have happened in July month and what will happen in August.

It has been one hell of a crazy summer. I started the month out by taking the flight to The Netherlands as I was attending to the first Trance.nu Summer Dance event featuring top djs and producers like Perry O’Neil, Phynn, Astrid, Signum, Menno De Jong And Envio. Not to forget the back2back2back me, Menno and Envio did the last hour of the party, which was simply amazing, I think the crowd and us could have continued till 06 in the morning. I stayed with my good mate Menno De Jong the first weeks time I was over there, while the event was going on. The whole day was awesome, what an experience to meet and talk to music lovers from whole Europe, I really had a blast thanks to Tim, Menno and Sarah whom were involved setting this party up. A full report can be read here: http://trance.nu/v3/article_show.php?id=172/

I stayed for 1½ week in the Netherlands and had loads of fun, thanks to my good mates Menno, Mark Otten, And Robin.

A week, accompanied by some friends from Norway in a summerhouse here in Denmark, passed by. And it was time to leave of to the Eastern part of Europe. I had a gig the 23th in Prague at Club Radost FX, which was just amazing, the crowd was rocking and I really enjoyed the evening. Of to Bratislava next day, where I had a gig in the evening. Spending the whole day at Tomas Haverlik’s studio, and having a really great time with him. Went to the venue in the evening around 22 and again had a fantastic night and my set went just great. Meeting some really cool party people once again.

A relaxing week was followed, with some fooling around in Cubase SX and chilling with my friends.

Friday 30th leaving off to Finland, to stay with Miika Kuisma for a day, and attend to the 2nd Iglu event, featuring me, Shane54, and Super8 as headliners. This was an amazing night, the club was build up with an arctic theme, and now I can say I have been dj’ing in an Igloo, cause the dj booth was the scenario of an igloo, with dark blue lights and Mammoths, penguins etc all over :)

I spend some quality time with Shane54, Super8, Miika Kuisma, and my manager Ozzi at a little cabin for a day relaxing after all the partying Friday and Saturday. Yet again a really really good weekend, and the amount of compliments caused by my set was overwhelming.

So here I am, home again celebrating my 19th birthday today. Relaxing with my family and my friends. And not to forget working hard with Cubase ;)

I didn’t have to many of the regular shows this month because of all my travelling. But I started this month out with being featured for the 2nd time on Markus Schulz Globaldjbroadcast in the lineup with Gabriel & Dresden and Tonedepth. It seems like loads of people enjoyed my set, and I had a storm of emails with nice comments and questions of were to download the mix.

Upcoming stuff:

I will be on air on this special online festival called “Impressions 2004” the 14th August in the lineup same day, names like Shane54, Haak, and Ernesto vs. Bastian to name a few. More info can be found here: http://www.soundstation351.net

Another festival will be aired this month, made by Trancesphere radio. Again in lineup with big names like: Armin Van Buuren, Markus Schulz, Blank&Jones, Perry O’Neil, Matt Darey, Misja Helsloot and the list goes on. The whole festival is called SummerSessions2004, more info can be found here: http://www.trancesphere.com

To finish of the guestmixes, I will be on air at the popular German radio Njoy, at Blank & Jones regular radioshow. This will happen the 21th August, and will be aired also thru the net at DI.fm the 23th. Can hope this will give some good exposure in the German country.

The 18th I will be leaving of to Canada doing my little tour, I will be playing in Vancouver, Kelowna, and Vancouver Island in that period from the 18th and 1½ week forward. I am really looking forward to this, and will make sure that all the part people in Canada are going to move their buts.

So the upcoming time looks really good. I hope to get the producing going more and more as I get the time. But then again the upcoming month will be busy as well. And taking a good amount of time, getting settled into my new apartment, where I will move the 1st September.

Anyway, after all a few days of summer got here so I will go get some sun. Hope everybody out there are doing great. And as always a big thanks to the people supporting me!

Current Chart for August:

Top 20 - Trance minded tunes:

#1 Antares – Roose Garden [CDR]
#2 Halcyon - Watermark (Inner&Outer mix) [Captured]
#3 Envio - Love Poison [Armada]
#4 Adam White And Andy Moor pres. Whiteroom - The White Room [Liquid Asset]
#5 TBA - Fragile [White]
#6 MK-S - Black Sunrise [CDR]
#7 AR52 - Piiska [J00f]
#8 Re:Locate - Typhoon [Galactive]
#9 Exertion - Partizan (Original mix) [Afterglow]
#10 Arksun - Desire [Subtraxx]
#11 Odyssee pres. NeverMind - Freelancer [CDR]
#13 Christian Rusch - Soft [CDR]
#12 Elude - Fareday [CDR]
#14 Draft2Design - Affection Over Reasons [ASOT]
#15 Whirlpool & Octagen - Alaska (Filo & Peri mix) [TRR]
#16 Hidden Logic - Time (Envio's Possession mix) [ASOT]
#17 Passiva - Serenity (Filo & Peri mix) [Selective]
#18 Sean Walsh - Time Lapse [Gesture]
#19 Szartd & TranceJax - Tenso [Lange Rec.]
#20 Bobina - Lazy World (Son of a Pitch's Stimulating Mix) [Deep Blue]

Top 15 Progressive minded tunes:

#1 Rio Addicts - Crossroads (Original mix) [EE]
#2 Perry O'Neil - Wave Force [EE]
#3 Girl Nobody - Cages (Lemon 8 mix) [Release]
#4 3 Colours vs. Junktion – Shimmer [CDR]]
#5 Viton & Stel - Wooden Swordz (Kosmas Epsilon Remix) [White]
#6 Rico Soarez - TV Dinner [EE]
#7 Benz & MD – Still Rain [Silver Planet]
#8 Ozgur Can - Illusions [EE]
#9 Kalafut & Fygle - Lullaby [CDR]
#10 Myth - Millionfold (Markus Schulz mix) [Gesture]
#11 Vadim Zhukov - Exit [Armada]
#12 Ridgewalkers feat el - Find (Andy Moor mix) [Baroque]
#13 Tilt - The World Doesnt Know [Lost Language]
#14 Pole Folder - Protected (Fretwell Mix) [Mo-do]
#15 Marris – Myrthes Lovecourse [CDR]

For booking, please use one of the following e-mail addresses:

harding@niklasharding.com (General booking)

ozzi@r-syke.com (Scandinavia)


Niklas Harding



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