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Labelname: Five AM
Genre: Trance
Five AM was born in 1999 as a sister label to the legendary Bonzai UK imprint, with a view to releasing music typically played in the small hours of the morning. Since then, they've managed to diversify whilst always staying true to that aim by focusing on musical content, innovative, cutting edge production, and pure danceability.

In October 2005 Five AM introduced the 'Five AM Digital' concept, with an aim of allowing artists to showcase their more diverse and experimental material as well as giving people a feel for the the online release process that is increasingly important to the industry. Titles in the series run as part of the main Five AM catalogue but are released primarily in MP3 format, with selected tracks also receiving delayed vinyl releases.

Over the years they've gained followers from diverse backgrounds. The biggest DJs in the world love Five AM - their releases have enjoyed sustained support from Tiesto, Paul van Dyk, Armin van Buuren, Judge Jules, and Ferry Corsten, several of whom also chose Five AM tracks for their compilation albums. But that's not all - Five AM tracks have also hit the UK top 40, appeared on TV shows, and even reached the big screen in 'South West Nine'.
Contact Info:
Five AM Records
PO Box 295
Southampton SO31 7XX
United Kingdom

  Yanave presents Evanya      
  MIDOR & Six4Eight      
  Miikka & Jussi      
  Gareth Emery      
  Gareth Emery & Jon O\'Bir      
  DJ Vesiga Vs, Jomar      
  Paul Vernon      
  Russ James      
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Singles discography:
  FAM001 Sunscreem - Exodus '99   Vinyl   
  FAM002 The Traveller & In Motion - Believe   Vinyl   
  FAM002R The Traveller & In Motion - Believe (Remixes)   Vinyl   
  FAM003 Leama - Labrynth   Vinyl   
  FAM004 Steve Gibbs - Azure   Vinyl   
  FAM005 Joker Jam - Innocence   Vinyl   
  FAM006 Fever - Nokturnal   Vinyl   
  FAM007 Sunscreem Vs. Push - Please Save Me   Vinyl   
  FAM008 Steve Gibbs - Tokyo   Vinyl   
  FAM009 Binary Finary - Niterider   Vinyl   
  FAM010 Mark James - Hear Me   Vinyl   
  FAM011 Hemstock & Jennings - Mirage (Of Hope)   Vinyl   
  FAM012 The Traveller & In Motion - Believe (Remixes)   Vinyl   
  FAM013 Joker Jam - Innocence   Vinyl   
  FAM014 QED - Hardly A Day   Vinyl   
  FAM014R QED - Hardly A Day (Remixes)   Vinyl   
  FAM015 Sunscreem - Perfect Motion   Vinyl   
  FAM015R Sunscreem - Perfect Motion (Remixes)   Vinyl   
  FAM016 Juicy Monkey - Leaving You!   Vinyl   
  FAM016R Juice Monkey - Leaving You! (Remixes)   Vinyl   
  FAM017 GTR - Mistral   Vinyl   
  FAM018 Echoplex - Def By Stereo / Ghost In The Machine   Vinyl   
  FAM019 Cern - Baileys   Vinyl   
  FAM020 Cupa - Blaze / Foundation   Vinyl   
  FAM021 Echoplex - Ovation   Vinyl   
  FAM022 Cern - The Message   Vinyl   
  FAM023 Plastic Boy - Live Another Life   Vinyl   
  FAM024 Hemstock & Jennings - Mirage Of Hope 2003   Vinyl   
  FAM025 GTR - Reason To Believe   Vinyl   
  FAM026 Gareth Emery & Jon O'Bir - Escapade   Vinyl   
  FAM027 Altitude - Sunray   Vinyl   
  FAM028 Miikka & Jussi EP   Vinyl   
  FAM029 Cupa - Mass Panic   Vinyl   
  FAM030 DJ Vesiga Vs. Jomar - Nightoperator   Vinyl   
  FAM031 M.I.D.O.R. & Six4Eight - Oblivion / Soundscape   Vinyl   
  FAM032 Paul Vernon - Mind Decay   Vinyl   
  FAM033 Gareth Emery & Jon O'Bir - Bouncebackability   Vinyl   
  FAM034 Signalrunners - 3000 Miles Away   Vinyl   
  FAM035 Orkidea - Embrace / Beautiful   Vinyl   
  FAM036 Gareth Emery - The Ego Surfing EP   Vinyl   
  FAM037 Miikka - The Construction Kit EP   Vinyl   
  FAM038 M.I.D.O.R. - Humanize EP   Vinyl   
  FAM039 Russ James - Arcane EP   Vinyl   
  FAM041 George Acosta - Mellodrama   Vinyl   
  FAM042 Lange Vs. Mike Koglin - Bermuda   Vinyl   
  FAM043 Gareth Emery & Jon O'Bir - No Way Back / Integrate   Vinyl   
Albums discography:
  Five AM Sessions Vol. 01 - Mixed by Gareth Emery      
Mixes discography:
  Best of Five AM 2005      
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Label discussion:
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Last updated: 23.02.2006

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