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Labelname: Platipus
Genre: Trance, House, Progressive
The year is 2003 - the world rocks to the globally accepted sound of trance and electronica, and one of the main culprits is Platipus Records. Not antipodean but firmly UK based, Platipus operates from their studio/office multi-billion pound headquarters in Fulham.

Sometimes, as the thousand or so staff look through the expensive frosted glass windows across the picturesque and highly desirable Michael Road gasworks, their minds wander and they ponder the origins of the illustrious label that supports them and their offspring....

It was back in 1993 that Rave ad salesman Simon Berry (Art Of Trance) began work on the label, from his flat above his favourite EastEnd brothel. Realizing from his neighbours that the world of prostitution had its ins-and-outs, he opted to throw his energies into creating a stable outlet for the music and artists he loved. Simon's love of electronic music had been fired up by an early purchase of a low quality synthesizer from a bloke with a beard out of Fairport
Convention. It was a life changing moment (for Simon, less so for the synthesizer seller presumably). Riding on the vibe of the music he ended up a regular at clubs like Troll, Drum Club and Chemistry.

Fired up, the first Art Of Trance record "Deeper Than Deep" launched the label, immediately identified by a certain quality and depth of production. Indeed this still continues today. It was with early records such as the Union Jack "Two Full Moons And A Trout" and Poltergeist's "Vicious Circles" that resulted in Platipus standing out head and shoulders above the rest of the pack.

The quietly successful and prolific label was rocked however in 94 by the release of a certain record called "Children" by the then unknown Robert Miles. "We were in the Firestone Club in Orlando," explains Simon, "listening to Florida jock Kimble Collins. He dropped one of only two acetates in existence at the time of Robert Miles Children on Italy's DBX. We rushed back to England, signed it and had a hit on our hands. It got so big that we eventually had to sell it on to BMG.

We couldn't handle the volume." Huge wasn't the word. A track that blew the scene open, with everybody and their mother whistling the tune in the street. A huge multi platinum success and the sound of 95. Setting up a more secure basis for the label was perhaps the most important result of this success, enabling album and artist development as well as allowing Simon to indulge more in his original passion (music not the knocking shop).

It was later in the 90's that trance became synonymous with a more banging, European style of production. Although contributing to this scene with the anthemic Ferry Corsten production of Art of Trance's "Madagascar" (an update of the earlier Cygnus X remix), Platipus weren't about to compromise the label philosophy to follow the more
"production line" vibe of the new sound. Tracks like Libra's "Calling Your Name" and Oliver Lieb's various guises maintained the consistent quality of the labels releases. Platipus artists began to look to a new generation for the sounds of the future, Swiss youngster Moogwai's euphoric but subtle sound and Pob's highly advanced progressive tracks being fine examples of the labels philosophy in action.

Moving into the 21st century saw Platipus diving into deeper waters with modern progressive tracks like Innate's "Changes" and Star's "Rock Rose" sounding different to what you might expect but keeping true to the vibe. 2001 highlighted this shift towards the darker and
more tribal orientated sounds, with Praha's "Pachinko" being a stand out track in this genre. The old guard were still in evidence, with Art Of Trance bringing out his first single since "Madagascar", "Killamanjaro". Platipus further embaced the new underground styles with the birth of the Gekko highlight, with tracks from Groovahlic, Rouge and Karuma all hitting hard.

2002 promised and delivered so much more. This was the year when Platipus reached it's landmark 100th release. The label celebrated accordingly by releasing the superb 10 Squared compilation, mixed by globetrotting superstar DJs Parks & Wilson (aka Tilt). 2002 also saw Platipus changing with the times and leaning towards a more streamlined, musical sound. Tracks like 'In My Veins' by Indiana, another alias for Yoshitoshi superstar Dino Lenny, showcased this
vibe perfectly. The label was clearly heading in the right direction as big-name jocks Sasha and Steve Lawler hammered releases like Leama's 'Melodica' and 'Into Sea' by Adam Dived, another Dino Lenny alias.

As for 2003, early indications suggest something of a renaissance with the trance sound that helped popularise the label. Tracks like Kansai's 'Rococco' are already being smashed at clubs like Peach, where Graham Gold has made the track something of an unofficial anthem!!!

Another significant event in any trance DJ's diary is the birth of Platipus:Euro. This new direction for Platipus plans to focus on a slightly tougher and more - would you believe it - European sound! The label launches with an awesome track by M.I.K.E PUSH under his Solar Factor guise, then continues with bombshells from R.O.O.S and trance wunderkinds Neo & Farina. Expect to hear plenty of big things about Platipus:Euro in the coming months.

In the meantime, keep em peeled for more stunning releases from the likes of Jan Johnston, Moogwai and the massive follow-up single from Kansai as well as a new series of chillout albums.

The future's bright, the future's Platipus.
Contact Info:
Platipus Records Ltd.
Unit GM
Cooper House
2 Michael Road

t: 020 7731 4004
f: 020 7731 0008
  Neo & Farina      
  Terra Ferma      
  Jan Johnston      
  Greg Murray      
  DJ Patrick Reid      
  Art of Trance      
  Adam Dived      
  Steve Gibbs      
  Union Jack      
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Singles discography:
  Adam Dived - Into The Sea   Vinyl   2002
  Albion - Air   CD   1998
  Albion - Air   Vinyl   1998
  Albion - Air 2000   CD   2000
  Albion - Air 2000   Vinyl   2000
  Albion - Air 2000   Vinyl   2000
  Altitude - Tears In the Rain / Marrakech   Vinyl   2002
  Ambassador - One of These Days   Vinyl   2000
  Ambassador - The Fade   CD   1999
  Ambassador - The Fade   Vinyl   1999
  Art of Trance - Breathe   Vinyl   1999
  Art of Trance - Breathe   Vinyl   2000
  Art of Trance - Cambodia   Vinyl   1994
  Art of Trance - Deeper Than Deep EP   Vinyl   1993
  Art of Trance - Easter Island   Vinyl   1999
  Art of Trance - Gloria   Vinyl   1993
  Art of Trance - Kaleidoscope   Vinyl   1997
  Art of Trance - Killamanjaro   CD   2001
  Art of Trance - Killamanjaro   Vinyl   2001
  Art of Trance - Killamanjaro   Vinyl   2001
  Art of Trance - Love Washes Over   Vinyl   2002
  Art of Trance - Love Washes Over   Vinyl   2002
  Art of Trance - Madagascar   Vinyl   1998
  Art of Trance - Madagascar (Remixes Part 1)   Vinyl   2002
  Art of Trance - Madagascar (Remixes Part 2)   Vinyl   2002
  Art of Trance - Madagascar (Remixes)   CD   1999
  Art of Trance - Madagascar (Remixes)   CD   2002
  Art of Trance - Madagascar (Remixes)   Vinyl   1999
  Art of Trance - Madagascar (Remixes)   Vinyl   2002
  Art of Trance - Octopus   Vinyl   1995
  Art of Trance - Octopus (Remixes)   Vinyl   1995
  Art of Trance - The Colours EP   Vinyl   1993
  Art of Trance - The Complete Madagascar   CD   2002
  Art of Trance - Voice of Earth   Vinyl   1999
  Art of Trance - Wildlife on One   CD   1997
  Art of Trance - Wildlife on One   Vinyl   1997
  Catalyst - What?   Vinyl   1995
  Chromium - Chrome   Vinyl   1997
  Clanger - Seadog   CD   1997
  Clanger - Seadog   Vinyl   1997
  Conscious - Northern Lights   Vinyl   1998
  Dawnseekers - Gothic Dream   CD   2000
  Dawnseekers - Gothic Dream   Vinyl   2000
  Greg Murray - I Feel Loved   Vinyl   2003
  Groovaholic - Bigi Mantra   Vinyl   2001
  Groovaholic - Nepal   Vinyl   2001
  Humate - 3.1   Vinyl   1998
  Humate - 3.1 1998   CD   1998
  Indiana - Do You Hear Me   Vinyl   2002
  Indiana - Do You Hear Me   Vinyl   2002
  Indiana - In My Veins (Disc 1)   Vinyl   2002
  Indiana - In My Veins (Disc 2)   Vinyl   2002
  Innate - Changes   CD   2000
  Innate - Changes   Vinyl   2000
  Jamnesia - She\'s My Friend   CD   2002
  Jamnesia - She\'s My Friend   Vinyl   2002
  Jan Johnston - Calling Your Name   Vinyl   2003
  Jan Johnston - Calling Your Name   Vinyl   2003
  Jay Welsh - Point One / Heat Rising   Vinyl   2001
  Jeux Sans Frontieres - Volume 1   Vinyl   2001
  John Occlusion - Psycho Drums   Vinyl   2002
  Kansai - Remember This Night   CD   2003
  Kansai - Remember This Night   Vinyl   2003
  Kansai - Remember This Night   Vinyl   2003
  Kansai - Rococco   Vinyl   2003
  Karuma - On Y Va   Vinyl   2001
  Leama - Melodica   Vinyl   2002
  Leama - Melodica (Disc 1)   Vinyl   2002
  Leama - Melodica (Disc 2)   Vinyl   2002
  Libra pres Taylor - Anomaly - Calling Your Name   CD   1996
  Libra pres Taylor - Anomaly - Calling Your Name   Vinyl   1996
  Libra pres Taylor - Calling Your Name   Vinyl   2000
  Loveclub - The Journey   CD   1997
  Loveclub - The Journey   Vinyl   1997
  LSG - Hidden Sun of Venus   Vinyl   1997
  LSG - Hidden Sun of Venus   Vinyl   1997
  Mona Lisa Overdrive - Born to Synthesize   CD   2002
  Mona Lisa Overdrive - Born to Synthesize   Vinyl   2002
  Mona Lisa Overdrive - Born to Synthesize   Vinyl   2002
  Moogwai - A Night Out   Vinyl   1999
  Moogwai - Keo   Vinyl   2000
  Moogwai - Neon   Vinyl   2003
  Moogwai - Neon   Vinyl   2003
  Moogwai - The Labyrinth   CD   2001
  Moogwai - The Labyrinth   Vinyl   2001
  Moogwai - Viola   CD   2000
  Moogwai - Viola   Vinyl   2000
  Narcotik - Blue / Twelve Miles   Vinyl   1998
  Neo & Farina - Someone / Binary Refined   Vinyl   2003
  Nicely - A Problem Joe Nicely EP   Vinyl   1993
  Paragliders - Lithium   CD   2000
  Paragliders - Lithium   Vinyl   2000
  Patrick Reid - Goose   Vinyl   2002
  Patrick Reid - I-Ching   Vinyl   1999
  Pink Elln / Atmo Heart - Elektroniiikkaa   CD   2000
  Pink Elln / Atmo Heart - Elektroniiikkaa   Vinyl   2000
  Pob & Boyd - Luna   CD   2001
  Pob & Boyd - Luna   Vinyl   2001
  POB - Boiler   Vinyl   1998
  POB - Boiler / Beast   CD   1998
  Pob - Essence   CD   2001
  Pob - Essence   Vinyl   2001
  POB - The Essence / Today   Vinyl   2002
  POB - Waah   Vinyl   2000
  POB - Waah   Vinyl   2000
  POB feat Patrick Reid - Bluebottle / Fly   Vinyl   1999
  POB feat X-Avia - The Awakening   Vinyl   1997
  Poltergeist - Vicious Circles   Vinyl   1993
  Poltergeist - Vicious Circles (Remixes)   Vinyl   1995
  Praha pres Xian - Kala Chant   Vinyl   2002
  Praha pres Xian - Pachinko   Vinyl   2001
  Quietman - Now & Zen   Vinyl   1997
  Quietman - Plastic Gourd / Tranquil   Vinyl   1994
  Quietman - Shhhh   CD   1998
  Quietman - The Sleeper   Vinyl   1998
  R.O.O.S. - Instant Moments   Vinyl   2003
  Rah - Glow / Wave   Vinyl   2003
  Ratio Ft. LDF - You In Me   Vinyl   2002
  Robert Miles - Children   Vinyl   1995
  Rouge - Dohan Girls   Vinyl   2002
  Rouge - Jingalay   Vinyl   2001
  Rouge - Jingalay   Vinyl   2001
  Rouge - Retro Piano   Vinyl   2002
  S.O.L. - Pollenflug   Vinyl   1998
  S.O.L. - Quantensprung 1 / Solaris 1 & 2   Vinyl   1999
  Salamander - Tempest   Vinyl   1995
  Solar Factor - No Return   Vinyl   2003
  Star - Rockrose   Vinyl   2001
  Technossomy - Chameleon / Elektron Bender   Vinyl   1994
  Terra Ferma - Floating / The Scream   Vinyl   1996
  Terra Ferma - Lunar Sunrise   Vinyl   1997
  Terra Ferma - The Adventures of..   CD   2000
  Terra Ferma - The Adventures of..   Vinyl   2000
  Terra Ferma - The Wolf   CD   2000
  Terra Ferma - The Wolf   Vinyl   2000
  Terra Ferma - Turtle Crossing   Vinyl   1997
  Terra Ferma feat I-Ching - Obelix   Vinyl   1998
  Terra Ferma feat. Katie Ashley - Don\'t Be Afraid   CD   1999
  Terra Ferma feat. Katie Ashley - Don\'t Be Afraid   Vinyl   1999
  Tremor - Mela Lua   Vinyl   2002
  Union Jack - 2 Full Moons & A Trout   Vinyl   1998
  Union Jack - Cactus   Vinyl   1994
  Union Jack - Cockroach   Vinyl   1997
  Union Jack - Cockroach / Yeti   CD   1997
  Union Jack - Red Herring   Vinyl   1995
  Union Jack - There Will Be No Armageddon   CD   1995
  Union Jack - There Will Be No Armageddon   Vinyl   1995
  Union Jack - Two Full Moons & A Trout   Vinyl   1993
  Universal State of Mind - All Because of You   Vinyl   1996
  Various Artists - Platipus Volume 4   CD   1998
  Vicious Circles - Vicious Circles   Vinyl   2000
  Vicious Circles - Vicious Circles   Vinyl   2000
  Virtualmismo - Last Train To Universe   Vinyl   1996
  Yello vs Hardfloor - Vicious Games   CD   1999
  Yello vs Hardfloor - Vicious Games   Vinyl   1999
  Z2 - I Want You   Vinyl   2000
Albums discography:
  Art of Trance - Platipus Beginners Guide      
  Various Artists - A.R.C. Artist Remix Collection      
  Various Artists - Best of Platipus      
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  Various Artists - Platipus Volume 1      
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  Various Artists - Platipus Volume 8      
  Various Artists - The Art of Chill      
  Various Artists - Widescreen 16:9 V1      
  Various Artists - Widescreen 16:9 V1      
Mixes discography:
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Last updated: 01.10.2003

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