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© Matt DareyThis months update from Matt includes the usual news, reviews and an exclusive interview with ATB.

I’ve been in the studio recently recording my forthcoming album which takes dance music in a new direction working with some rock bands and mixing it up. Expect some Grunge, Thrash, and Indie and the odd poptastic dance tune on an album that will certainly raise a few eyebrows amongst the trancesters!! For more info & sneak previews check out www.mattdarey.com.

The winner of last years Trance Awards producer of the year Adam White is is back with some stunning new music from himself and partner in crime Andy Moor. Andy has been praised by Oakey, PVD, Tiesto and Armin as the worlds No 1 trance producer. Watch out for the White Room mix of Zironz – Edge of Space, Adam White pres Floatation - Sweet suggestion, Adams remix of Lost Tribe – Angel, Mino’s “Flux Deluxe” on Virgin and many more. Andy Moor will be putting the finishing touches to his Leama & Moor album which has all the top Trance & Prog DJ’s on the edge of there seats.

Marco V's album 200V, featuring the smash tune 'False Light', is released at the end of April. Also released this month is Trance Republic 2, mixed by Matt Hardwick, John Askew and Agnelli and Nelson. Already signed up for the album are Six:Thirty tracks 'Under The Sea' from Static Blue, and Sequentia's 'Innuendo'. You can catch Six:Thirty label boss Ian Betts at The Gallery on 21st April.

Man of the moment Mark Sherry who’s career goes from strength to strength brings the return of a classic with new mixes of Lost Tribe’s “Gamemaster” which is turning out to be the biggest hard floor release of the year so far with BK, Johan Gielen, Scott Project, Anne Savage, Tidy Boys and the rest. Watch out for anything this guy touches in particular his forthcoming remix of Thrash Rock anthem “Animal” as he’s my top tip for this year as both a DJ and producer. Good to see a UK talent wiping the floor with those Dutch guys!!! Check him out live 13th April ICE in Kilmarnock, 28th April with Lost @ Precious in Belfast, 29th @ Club Tabu in Newry in N Ireland, 30th April @ Tycho in Ammanford in Wales.

Tiësto tours Asia this month, to support part 5 of his Search Of Sunrise mix series, titled “Los Angeles” and released on April 25th. Paul van Dyk visits Dubai, Bahrein, Sydney and Canberra in April on his Politics Of Dancing Vol.2 Tour. American trance number 1 Christopher Lawrence officially launches Pharmacy Electronic Music this month with a John 00 Fleming collaboration. Christopher has his first mix compilation in three years coming out in May 2005, and John plans to release a compilation album and an artist album early to late summer.

Mike Koglin is putting the finishing touches to his forthcoming debut album 'VS' (Versus) featuring collaborations from the last 2 years, including Above & Beyond, Alex Morph, Lange, Pulser and Darren Tate. 'VS' will include all his recent club anthems like 'Sequential' and '1:1.618', rarities such as the Sasha vs Mike Koglin - 'Enjoy The Gravy' bootleg, and many un-released tracks.

Mondo will be releasing their next single this month, with the album 'Mondo Sessions 001' to follow quickly. This first double compilation CD from the label will be mixed by Darren Tate and Mike Koglin. Summer will see the release of the DT8 Project album - Perfect World. The album features the likes of Gavin Rossdale (Bush), Mory Kante (‘Yeke Yeke’), Andrea Britton and new singles ‘Succumb To The Night’, ‘Narama’, ‘Falling’ and ‘Hold Me Till The End’.

Graham Gold has just finished his new, as yet untitled track - a collaboration with LA-based Nicholas Bennison from Propulsion records. His last production 'Everyone' was Record Of The Week on Johan Gielen's show, and was supported by Dave Pearce on Radio 1. April 14th sees Graham continue his residency at Slinky in Bournemouth with Ferry Corsten and Ronald van Gelderen.

This month the Above & Beyond album tour hits Berlin, London, Leeds, New York and Toronto. Smith & Pledger are due to start promo'ing their as yet untitled new single. You can catch them at Gatecrasher in Sheffield on April 4th. They have also announced they will deliver their first artist album at the end of 2006.

John O'Callaghan has teamed up with fellow Discover producer Greg Downey to create a tech-edged track to be released as the flip to Askew & Hardwick - 'Slaves to the Machine'. John's rare remix of Dogzilla - 'Without You' will also see a release soon, possibly as a bonus track alongside the next Dogzilla single. Coming up John has a collaboration with Marc van Linden, 'Sub-Culture, Recoverworld Live Vol 2', jointly mixed with K90, an artist album for late 2006 and gigs this spring with Slinky, The Gallery, Gatecrasher, Passion, Escape and Serious. Finally, Ronald van Gelderen has mixed the 2 CD Trance Energy album, featuring 36 of the biggest tracks played at the event.

ATB interview

Get ready for the release of the brand new global album from one of the guys who made trance a household name in 99, ATB. I caught up with him recently.

Matt: You’ve written an incredible five albums. Was writing the fifth one as exciting as writing the first?

ATB: Of course! It’s even the opposite case. The more albums I make, the more fun it is! And to be honest, it’s the thing I love to do most! With an album you can show a wide range and have more space for experiments than you have with a single production.

Matt: Marrakech was chosen as the title music for action thriller ‘Mindhunters’, is writing music for film something that interests you?

ATB: I think every songwriter and producer would like to hear his music in back of a nice Hollywood movie! But this you can not plan on! These opportunities may come or not! But of course it’s interesting for me!

Matt: Who would you like to collaborate with outside the genre?

ATB: My mind isn’t fixed on one genre only. I decide pretty spontaneous and have no focus on someone specific! And especially the spontaneous cooperation’s* are often the most exciting and interesting ones! Let’s see what the future will bring!

Matt: What prompted you to set up SEAP (School for Engineering and Audio Producing) in Bochum?

ATB: There were several reasons. The main reason was the challenge to build up an academy like this. And today it’s really fantastic to see how the students of the SEAP develop and realize their dreams through us! I have had this dream as a youngster and I would have been happy if there had been a school like this!

Matt: Through SEAP, have you discovered any new talent?

ATB: Certainly! There are ever and anon students witch really enthusiast us and of course we try to go along with them assist them where ever it’s possible.

Matt: What technological advance would most benefit you as a DJ and producer?

ATB: Keine Antwort?

Matt: "9 P.M. (Till I Come)" was phenomenally successful… and also the first ATB track. How did it change things for you?

ATB: Actually not as much as some people might think. The hype had been enormous at this time but I could see it very realistically already. I new, that such hype can be over quickly. This attitude is helping a lot to stay real. And this is most important to me!

Matt: Are you absolutely sick to death of being asked about that track?

ATB: Sometimes yes. Of course I’m proud of the success of 9Pm but I don’t like it (especially in England) to be reduced to this song only! Everybody who concerned about ATB in the last seven years, knows how many different styles I have in my song writing and producing. I hardly ever tried to copy myself but always changed my sound. When you listen to ATB today, you can probably say that I have managed that. I believe that otherwise ATB would not exist anymore.

Matt: Everyone always says ‘dance music isn’t as good as it used to be’. What year in dance music do you remember most fondly?

ATB: To some years this is true to some years it is not! At the moment for example I think that especially in the trance genre a lot of great stuff is produced again! This is not the general rule. In the last years it looked indeed pretty bad some times and the quality left a lot to be desired. But I believe in our days people honor quality and directness! And that’s good!

Matt: If you were to suddenly disappear off the face of the earth, what would you like to be remembered for?

ATB: I prefer not to answer to this question, because I plan on a long life! I cross fingers!

Matt: What does 2006 and beyond hold for ATB?

ATB: Furthermore a very exciting life with lots of music, travelling and great parties! And hopefully heath.


ECraig - ‘1st Time’ (Spinning)
Just what you’d expect from mr Ecraig. Some great rythms that will pick up any floor that’s dying on its ass. Spine tingling breakdown with lush vocal crescendo’s back into chunky drums with a tougher edge. So far E craig hasn’t let me down and this is no exception. Listen in the mix at http://www.mattdarey.com/mp3player/nav2.htm

Solar Stone - ‘Eastern Sea’ (Deep Blue)
Martin Roth delivers his trademark style mix on this. Driving beats and bass with classic piano riff breakdowns. Listen in the mix at http://www.mattdarey.com/mp3player/nav2.htm

Lost Tribe - ‘Gamemaster 2006’ (Liquid Assett / dp)
Mark Sherry aka Outburst brings this classic up to date. Launched at this years Trance Energy Fest and supported by all the harder jocks BK, Anne Savage, DJ Scott, Jon O Bir. A perfect blend of tech trance and uplifting moments sandwiched in the breakdowns with incredibile builds. Forms part of the rereleased Distant Voices EP. Listen in the mix at http://www.mattdarey.com/mp3player/nav2.htm

Michael Woods - ‘Dancing in the Dark’ (dp)
UK producer Michael Woods now has a career spanning 6 years since his first top 20 hit in 2000. He has brought you many club Anthems & Chart hits under his various Aliases such as Warrior, Solex, Arcadia and most recently his colab with Judge Jules hit the UK’s BBC Radio 1 playlist. Massive remixes such as Lost Tribe, Candi Jay, State One,Dario G, Salt Tank, Solar Stone, Energy 52, Humate, BBE and many more have proven Michaels outstanding talent. This new offering from Michael is a unique and original blend of Bump & Grind house with Jazz. Already championed exclusively by Jules on BBC Radio 1.

Super Model - ‘Keep On’ (Anjuna)
Great to see Anjuna moving into new areras with this electro influenced track. Chunky and drivng stuff that’s gonna suit a very wide range of DJ’s from house to Trance. Listen in the mix at http://www.mattdarey.com/mp3player/nav2.htm

Sun Decade - ‘Have it all’ (Euphonic)
Hard top categorize this track. A blend of house, trance and electro influences make it fresh sounding. The most epic breakdown you’ve heard this year with some vocal hooks “I Dream” as the icing on the cake. Kicks in very nicely to ignite any dance floor across many genres . Listen in the mix at http://www.mattdarey.com/mp3player/nav2.htm

Thrillseekers - ‘By Your Side’ (Adjusted)
Fantastic change of Direction for Steve Helstrip. Im really into the night Music mix and also Martin Roth takes the helm and delivers a truly pumping version which if currently filling the trance floors around the globe. Supported by everyone from Tong to Armin. Listen in the mix at http://www.mattdarey.com/mp3player/nav2.htm

Matt Darey ft Tiff - ‘Always’ (W/L)
I’ve gone on a deeper journey with Tiff Lacey in a kind of “Gabriel & Dresden” meets the Corrs vein. Follow up to my last single Eternity and also comes with Chilled “Masive Attack” esk mix from Norwegian rising star Floris De Haan. Already championed by Pearce on Radio 1. Taken from the forthcoming album which I’m busy making at the moment. Listen in the mix at http://www.mattdarey.com/mp3player/nav2.htm

Tall Paul - ‘Other Side’ (W/L)
Totally loving this new release from the Tall one. Driving electro riffs and catchy vocal make this a bit of a monster. Already tried and tested by myself and it drove them mad. Listen in the mix at http://www.mattdarey.com/mp3player/nav2.htm

Lost Tribe - ‘Angel’ (Liquid Assett)
Also part of the original Distant voices EP originally released by the legendary Hooj Choons. After ten years since the first release of this breaks track originally pioneered by DJ’s like Sasha. This track gets a face lift from White Rooms Adam White of White Room and is already PVD’s tune of the week. Big Radio record with lush vocals from Xan Tyler. Listen in the mix at http://www.mattdarey.com/mp3player/nav2.htm

Riley & Durrant - ‘Neon’ (W/L)
Rising stars Riley and Durrant take on the hard floors with a stunning mix from veteran Scott Mac. Adrenalin pumping beats and big stabs lead the way. Add Green lazers and glow sticks for perfect mash up moment . Listen in the mix at http://www.mattdarey.com/mp3player/nav2.htm

Hiver & Hammer - ‘Beauty and the Beast’ (W/L)
Coming back with a new style the boys create some Markus Shultz style uplifting trance with pulsating riffs and basslines. Listen in the mix at http://www.mattdarey.com/mp3player/nav2.htm

(written by Matt Darey & Josie Harral)

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