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© www.nature-one.de"Go wild - freak out" is the Motto of the seventeenth Nature One, and so the unvarnished request to have a long festival-weekend full of joy! 300 DJs from allaround the globe are coming to the former rocketbase to bring you the hottest tunes. Experience the full bandwith of electronic music on 23 floors.

Only on the 2nd weekend of August, 60.000 people from all parts of the world are gathering to the beautiful hunsrueck area to meet up with all the other members of the Nature One Family, a network of enthusiasts of electronic music, getting bigger every year. Throughout the year, the members of that family are keeping contact on parties and over social networking - till it comes to the annual family meetup at Nature One. Old friends are embracing each other, Online-acquaintances are leading to Offline kisses and hugs at the camping-village. It doesnt matter of you are a raver, a nerd, mr. normalo or a freak - everybody ia a part of the family. Rational is no more - long live the emotions! Reward the biggest party animals, upload the funniest pictures and honour the hardest dancers. The message is: Go wild, freak out!

New is: The Century Circus changes places with the Classic Terminal to have more space and to counteract accumulation of thousands of visitors. "Major" Rush and Adam Beyer are returning and congratulate Sven Vaeth's 30 year djing jubilee. Tiefschwarz, Aly & Fila, Fritz Kalkbrenner, W&W und GTronic are celebrating their premiere on Nature One, like nearly half of the lineup. And four new clubfloors promised "We will be wild!"

Its not without reason, that Nature One has been voted "Best Event" for the 10th time in a row this year by the readers of germanys leading electronic music magazine raveline. Tha Nature One Spirit is wild and wonderful. Be a part of the family and enjoy an electronic music weekend beyond your wildest dreams!

The Line-Up

You dont have to be a biochemist to notice that the air on the Open Air Floor consists of oxygen, nutrogen and happiness! DJ Mag Top 10 Acts like Paul van Dyk or Markus Schulz are not only making your heart go faster, but your endorphine level reaches sirectly to the sky. From there it comes back like a warm chill of joy. There is nothing to bind it. The Open Air Floor has no walls, no roof - but Light and Sound High-Tech as a multiplier for magic moments. It just needs your passion for music!

Sander van Doorn (Eindhoven)
ATB (Bochum)
Tiefschwarz (Berlin)
GTronic (Antwerpen)
Arty (Saratov)
Alex O`Rion (Amsterdam)
Lexy & K-Paul (Berlin) [live]
Laserkraft 3D (Kaiserslautern/Mannheim) [live]
Gustavo Bravetti (Montevideo) [live]

Paul van Dyk (Berlin)
Ferry Corsten (Rotterdam)
Markus Schulz (Florida)
Moguai (Ruhr-Area)
Aly & Fila (Kairo)
Alex M.O.R.P.H. b2b Woody van Eyden (Bochum)
W&W (Breda)
Dave202 (Zuerich)
Steve Anderson (Edinburgh)
Fritz Kalkbrenner (Berlin) [live]
Anthony Rother (Frankfurt) [live]
Mason (Amsterdam) [live]
Nature One Inc [live]

The soundsystem of the Century Circus is pushing you away, the sweat of thousands of people is condensing on the tent-roof. Everybody is freaking out. That is the fascination of Techno. A Passion that is getting bigger and bigger at Nature One and the result is the movement to the bibber area of the former classic Terminal. The huge area between the bunkers will be more open and the century circus has the possibility to grow even more big. Nature One will change its face with this change a little, but aou will love that change for sure.

Sven Vaeth (Frankfurt)
Adam Beyer (Stockholm)
Monika Kruse (Berlin)
Klaudia Gawlas (Passau)
Daniel Soave (Wiesbaden)
Luetzenkirchen (Munich) [live]
Chymera (Berlin) [live]

Dave Clarke (Amsterdam)
Felix Kroecher (Frankfurt)
Umek (Ljubljana)
Rush (Chicago)
Marco Bailey (Bruxelles)
Frank Kvitta (Frankfurt)
Sutura (Stuttgart)
Sascha Krohn (Wiesbaden)
The Advent (London) [live]
Planetary Assault Systems (London) [live]
BMG aka Brachiale Musikgestalter (Frankfurt) [live]
Eric Sneo (Mainz) [live]

House, a little word with a huge pop-cultural meaning. Its influence equal to the one of rock music. House and Rock - both styles with the same differences to the former music styles: A new rhythm, a new way of life and stream. For the one electrical guitars, for the other the drumcomputer. Both with the love of extravagance. Psychidelic Rock or Acid House, Hardrock and Hardhouse. In England, the establishment was faced with Punkrock, in the netherlands Gabberhouse was the most provocating music style. By now, Rock and Pop are reconsiled with each other. Lets rock the House of house!

Turntablerocker (Berlin)
Tom Novy b2b Abigail Bailey (Zuerich/London)
Tube & Berger (Solingen)
Sebastien Drums (Nizza)
Ante Perry (Ruhr Area)
Juliet Sikora (Dortmund)
Kollektiv Turmstrasse (Hamburg) [live]
Kaiserdisco (Hamburg) [live]

Matthias Tanzmann (Leipzig)
Dominik Eulberg (Bonn)
Butch (Mainz)
Gregor Tresher (Frankfurt)
Niko Schwind (Berlin)
Hanne und Lore (Herford)
Anna Reusch (Krefeld)
Format:B (Berlin) [live]
Aka Aka feat. Thalstroem [live]
Till Krueger (Stuttgart) [live]

There was a time when we recorded the Acid Junkies on compact cassette. Jam and Spoon were taped on VHS video. We consumed sweet-sticky energy drinks out of colourful cans and sung with Marc'Oh "Never stop that feeling..." Instead of math-books we read the newest Frontpage magazine secretly under the table in the classroom and we were wearing wide baggy-pants...
Today the tapes are droning out, the frontpage has dog-ears and the baggy pants are dissolving already, but the music of those amazing years is immortal. Between Oldschool-Light and Sound Equipment, between glowsticks and the pioneers of electronic music it feels like Nature One 1995. The former future sound is celebrating its classics at theClassic Terminal.

Tom Novy (Zuerich)
Kai Tracid (Frankfurt)
Niels van Gogh (Augsburg)
Mike-MH4 (Schwerin)
Future Breeze (Essen) [live]
Beroshima (Berlin) [live]

Mark`Oh (Dorsten)
Takkyu Ishino (Tokio)
Taucher (Bischofsheim)
Markus Gardeweg (Hamburg)
DJ Toyax (Haarlem)
Jam (Jam & Spoon) (Frankfurt) [live]
Acid Junkies (Eindhoven) [live]

Beside the four main floors, 18 clubs from Germany and other European countries will be presenting themselves. In and on the bunkers of the rocketbase and different tents. The club Line-Ups will be consisting of the resident DJs and Friends. From Hardcore to Trance, from House to Techno.

Abstract meets dancefield & Butan (Koblenz/Koenigswinter/Wuppertal)
Felix Kroecher, BMG aka Brachiale Musikgestalter -live-, Marco Bailey, Secret Cinema,
Takkyu Ishino, Klaudia Gawlas, Eric Sneo -live-, Torsten Kanzler, APAUL -live-, Sutura,
Frank Sonic -live-, Frank Mueller, Arcane -live-, Razor, Elmar Strathe, Rafael Da Cruz

Acid Wars & Fusion Club (Gelsenkirchen/Muenster)
Arkus P. -live-, Man at Arms, Sorgenkint, 2Junxion, Michael Kruck, Jon Asher, Dave
Ryder, Hierro, Tokzid -live-, Man at Arms vs. Sorgenkint -live-, Divouse AM, Sale Ajaan
& ACiDC, Da Hunter, Slim Tim, Philip Dengler, Queen of Vandalism, The Incredible

20 Jahre Tresor Berlin (Berlin)
Bebetta, T.A.G., Ro, Erique 47, Eltron, Sub Dealers -live-, Mad Max, Emanuel

DASDING Plattenlegerzelt (Baden-Baden)
Stephan Hinz, Helmut Dubnitzky, Raphael Dincsoy, DGeorge, Deerk Hollaender,
Benjamin R., Sandro Marques, Philipp Rumhardt

Hardcore Gladiators (Bochum)
Dyprax, EBE Company, Mystery, Twilight Forces, Chain Reaction, Masters of Noise, EPhex,
Mecanical Animal, Dany BPM, G-Style Brothers, Pressureheads, Insiderz, Distiller,
DJ Ron, Kahlkopf HC, A.G.K., DJ Gigi vs. Giant

Thunderdome (Netherlands)
Angerfist, MC Axys, CoffeeCore, Counterfeit vs. Negative A, Distorted Revelation, ERuption,
Earsplitter vs. Jaan, J-Roon & Kosmix, MC Justice, Kasparov, DJ Nick,
Obscurity, Rampage, Recype vs. Mercenary vs. The Menace, Terminal & Vavaculo, The
Raver & Cremator, Unexist

Hexenhouse (Bocholt)
Dr. Motte, Niels van Gogh & Daniel Strauss, Tiger & Dragon, Jewelz, Chris de Car,
Phrell, Tora vs. Xano, Prouder, Roughnix, JulieZ, M&M, Der Kaiser, Three Kingz

Vogue Club - For Gays, Lesbians & Friends (Koblenz)
Jay Frog, Simoné, Fraeggel, Sebastian Gnewkow, Markus Klein, Ben Gala, Simon
Phinixx, Tom Baxter, Michael June, Pk-One

Dirty Workz (Antwerpen)
Coone, Psyko Punkz, Ambassador Inc., Fenix, Demoniak, Dr Rude, The Vision,
Outlander, Unloaders, In-Phase, Ruthless, Da Tweekaz, Jones, MC Vegas, Dr Phunk, DLiciouz,
Short-e vs. Mainpower

Elektrokueche feat. rheinTime Entertainment & e-lectribe (Koeln/St. Augustin/Kassel)
Brian Sanhaji -live-, Hanne und Lore, Jagger, Felix Bernhardt -live-, Domenik Dausauer,
dr.gonZo, Chris Sonaxx, P.Groove, Alex H., Newman, Meister Eda, Nic Green,
Polyphone, Christian Kliché, Manyl, John Porno

USB - The Hardtechno Family (Frankfurt)
Pappenheimer, Nadine Coalyard, Jan Fleck -live-, The Hells Bangers, Jane Ephex -live-,
Jason Little, Pablo Ramirez, The Flatlander, Giuseppe Castani, Stefan Senk, Men vs.
Machine aka Mark Mayu & Marc o Stylez, ViperXXL, Waldhaus -live-, Madhouse
Brothers aka Sandy Warez & Richie Gee, Stormtrooper, Psytekk, Aural Exciter

Ostfunk Berlin - The Eastside Story Tour 2011 (Berlin)
Daniel Boon, Oliver Tatsch, Andreas Henneberg, Dirty Doering, Stereo Jack, Thomas
Lizzara, Match Hoffmann, Lizzara & Tatsch -live-, Heckler & Koch, Sascha Cawa a.k.a.

Airport (Wuerzburg)
Marc Miroir, DJ Sonic, Norman, Deladope & Chris Maiberger, Daniel R., Der Agent,
Nykk, Elbucca Soundsystem, Carlos G., Hubraum

Tunnel Trance Force (Hamburg)
DJ Dean, A*S*Y*S, Patrick Bunton, DJ Yanny, DJ Slideout, Sam Punk, Dave Joy,
theXfactor, DJ Delude, Chris Deelay, DJ Merlin, DJ Da-Vi-Do, DJ Cyre, Sven E., DJane
Sounic, Pacemaker, FJ Project, Benjamin R., DJ Goofy, DJ Louk, DJ Neil, DJ Texx, DJ
Inside Visage

Strezzkidz vs. Spielstaub (Magdeburg)
Pig & Dan, Justin Berkovi -live-, Alex Bau, Zahni -live-, Gebrueder W aka Bastian W vs.
Martin W, Der Totmacher, Gaetano & Schorr, Plexxa, P.Slang -live-, PertHil&Aerts,
FabrixXx and Ricksen j.k. -live-, Blaues Licht, RudiCarellGott aka Tom Graebe -live-,
Reisegruppe Kaoz, Beat Stroganow, Bob Morane, Spedro

Forum (Trier)
Boogie Pimps, Robin Junker, T.T. Hacky, Francesco Sanna, Dirk Federkeil, Spoony,

Forum & Stockwerk (Trier)
Boogie Pimps, Francesco Sanna, Robin Junker, TT Hacky, Dirk Federkeil, Jerome,

HeavensGate meets Raveline (Herne/Koeln)
Tom Novy, Alex M.O.R.P.H., Woody van Eyden, Aly & Fila, Ante Perry, Ron van den
Beuken, Arty, DIGITALmusikanten, RAM, Chriss Ortega, Steve Anderson, Neil Moore,
Chris Low, Mo-Ryn, Rafael Da Cruz, Michael Noack

Energy 11 (Zuerich) in cooperation with „In Bed With Space“
Dready 2 vs. Q Randy, CJ Stone, DITO, Nyando, DJ Nico, Invincible, Scream, Code
Red, Mr. Rox & Mr. Sim-On, Tom Nightowl, Danny Matin, Eric Preston, Kid Chris, Vito &
Danito -live-, Sean Finn, Brian Cribbs, Aleksey, Andreas Neufeld

The Campingsite:

The Campingsite of Nature One is legendary! A vilage of 60.000 partypeople, a land where the Party never ends. From Thursday to Monday, thousands of sound systems are playing - partys organized by the visitors themselves, inviting you to join the fun. Bring your own Equipment with you or be invited to your neighbours.

The first Partyday on the Campingsite is highlighted by the "Mixery Opening", which is taking place on the campingsite on Thursday evening. This Party is for all those of you, who cannot wait Nature One to begin.

MIXERY-OPENING @ bigFM Tronic Love Campstage (CampingVillage)
Stephan Hinz, DGeorge, Benjamin R., Sandro Marques, Philipp Rumhardt

Camping Rates:
From Thursday or Friday EUR 15.-
From Saturday EUR 8.-
(plus 5 EUR for Trash Deposit - you will get the money back when you return your trash to the Trash stations)

Camping Opening Hours:
Opening: Thursday, 04.08.2011, 10.00am
Closing: Monday, 08.08.2011, 6.00pm
Mixery-Opening: Thursday, 04.08.2011, 8.00pm
Friday, 05.08.2011, from 2.00pm – 12.00am no possibility to drive out


Date & Time:
Date: Fri, August 5th - Sun, August 7th, 2011 (Partysite)
Camping: Thu, August 4th - Mon, August 8th
Doors Open: Fri: 18:00 - 09:00 Sat: 18:00 - 10:00
Where: Rocketbase Pydna, D-56288 Kastellaun, Germany

One-day ticket (Friday or Saturday)
Advance tickets EUR 47,-*
On the day EUR 55,-

Festival ticket (Fiday and Saturday)
Advance tickets EUR 64,-*
On the day EUR 74,-

*plus booking fee
Order original tickets :
+49 (0) 261 - 921 584 -0 or order online


Officiële Nederlandse voorverkoop en informatie bij:
Amersfoort Dada Dance
033 – 461 30 27
Amsterdam Club Warehouse
020 – 622 87 66
Arnheim Dance Drugstore
026 – 351 89 16
Breda Magik The Record Store
076 – 515 29 92
Den Bosch Trend Records
073 – 614 71 41
Deventer Walk’in
0570 – 61 46 88
Nijmegen Power House
024 – 324 19 82
Rotterdam Basic Beat
010 – 436 64 26

Utrecht Twist & Shout
030 – 234 05 20
Zwolle Sam Sam music
038 – 422 40 60

Verder kan je kaarten kopen bij van de 1000 ticketbox winkels (kijk voor adressen op www.ticketbox.nl of bel 0900 – 93 93 (45ct/pm)) en alle Free Record Shops.
Voor alle vragen en overige informatie over de reizen, de camping, line up en bijvoorbeeld kaartverkoop van NATURE ONE kan je kijken op www.id-t.com of een email sturen naar n1@id-t.com.
Voor specifieke vragen over busreizen naar NATURE ONE kan je kijken op www.travel.nl, bellen naar 0525 – 65 91 06 of eamailen naar info@travel.nl


Luxembourg Placebo
26 48 04 86

Location FNAC – Carrefour
Tel.: 08 92 68 36 22 (0,34 euros/min) depuis la France.
Tel.: 01 42 31 32 28 pour les autres pays.



Location FNAC – Carrefour
Tel.: 01 42 31 32 28
Tel.: 0900 - 800800 (CHF 1,19 /min)


Tickets in allen Vorverkaufsstellen mit ATO_Anschluss
Hotline: 01 - 88088


Tel.: 08700 - 60 01 00 (24h)



Please visit www.nature-one.de for all your information needs.

i:vibes wishes you all a fantastic NATURE ONE

DYM 2011

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