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© manuel Le SauxThis weekend Talla 2XLC releases the 42nd Technoclub compilation on Saturday 1st June. No better excuse to host a party then with one guest stepping behind the legendary decks is Italian trance DJ Manuel Le Saux. We went for a catch up...

Living in Rome, and championing the sound of full-on euphoric trance across Europe, Manuel has become known for uplifting peaktime trance, and his vast list of productions and remixes speak for itself.  Known by his fans to play trance that no other DJs are playing has given Manuel a recognizable identity of his own.

With releases on Recoverwold, Discover, A State Of Trance, Enhanced , and Digital Society Recordings, it’s evident that le Saux’s Extrema radioshow on afterhours.fm is one of the most listened to trance shows online. With over 1,000 radioshows already aired, it’s no wonder he is continually booked to play Europe’s big trance events, Quest 4 Trance, Luminosity, Tomorrowland, Entrance Festival, Technoclub and Gatecrasher to name but a few. 

Further afield, Manny has graced the crowds of Australia, Belgium, Germany, Norway, Sweden, UK, Ireland, Poland, the Cech. Republic, Spain, Turkey, Finland, Switzerland, Slovenia, Mexico and Argentina… the legacy of a great talent.

Underground Anthems 2 on Recoverwolrd was Mixmag’s ‘compilation of the month’ in June 2009, and with an excellent mix of top-shelf trance, quite rightly so. With a World tour announced for 2012, and a debut artist album in the making, le Saux will continue to be hot property for some time. That artist album got released this year and after a long wait his debut LP 'First Light' was well worth the wait.

He first came to the Technoclub three years ago and is set to return this Saturday, 1st June for the launch party for the new Technoclub compilation. He mixed the 42nd edition of this iconic series alongside Ferry Tayle, who will also join him behind the decks. We managed to catch up with Manuel to gather his thought's before the party gets going.

i:Vibes: Manuel thanks for taking some time to talk o ivibes.nu. It has been a while since you visited the Technoclub. How excited are you about returning to the legendary club that has been around since 1984?

Manuel: I’m really, really excited!!! Especially because it’s Technoclub’s compilation release party, which I’m honoured to be part of.

i:Vibes: What is your memory of your last visit to Technoclub? How do you remember the atmosphere and any memory of the track anthem of the night?

Manuel: It was last year and I still have great memories. The German people gave a great welcome at the party and I’m sure they will do that again this time!!!

i:Vibes: When was the first time you heard about the artist Talla 2XLC and when was the first time that you met him?

Manuel: Talla is a legend since a long time. I know him by name since 1996, but I had the chance to meet him in person when he invited me to play at Technoclub 3 years ago.

i:Vibes: The Technoclub gig will be a huge celebration in that the release of the new compilation volume 42 will be held. What was your reaction when Talla told you that you would be mixing this CD?

Manuel: I’ve felt honoured first of all. Technoclub is a legendary compilation. Everybody wants to be part of this once in their DJ career.

i:Vibes: It is also the first time that there will be three DJs mixing the CD. You and Ferry Tayle have mixed CD 2. You have worked together with the French man. How special is it mixing the CD with him and what makes him such a brilliant DJ/producer?

Manuel: It’s special because after years of back to back DJ sets with him, finally we had the chance to make a compilation together too. It was fun to work on it because as you said he is a great DJ and producer but most important he is my big friend.

i:Vibes: How difficult was it finding the best 8 tracks while Ferry Chose his best 8. Talla 2XLC had an easier time choosing his current favourite 17 tracks.

Manuel: We actually do radio shows every week, so we have a lot of promotional stuff and we have almost the same taste in music. It wasn’t really hard to be honest.

i:Vibes: One producer who is featured in both track selections of you and Ferry Tayle is Darren Porter. What is making him so popular at the moment for you two guys?

Manuel: Because he's one of the few producers who still making proper trance!!! and because he’s a great person!

i:Vibes: You produced Rome airport with Ferry Tayle. What are your memories of this production with him and what was the most difficult thing that had to be done in the studio to get this track perfect?

Manuel: It was our first track together and we made it for his album. It was great and funny to do it because we didn’t work in his studio or my studio. We just putted our ideas together and the track came out alone!

i:Vibes: How has been the feedback for your remix for Chris Hampshire 94? It has that peak time anthem feeling that I am sure will get the Technoclub crowd rocking.

Manuel: I’ve got so many great feedbacks and that’s why we used it the compilation. I’m sure you will hear this track at the party.

i:Vibes: You have just released a new track “Things we will never forget” featuring Astuni which has a beautiful break. What was your inspiration behind the break? Do you tend to have an easier time creating melodies or do they take time to be developed?

Manuel: I’ve made this track with Astuni which is a massive producer and friend. We know each other since we were 15 years old and this is the reason of the title. Making melodies for me is the easy thing when I do a track. It takes more time to me making the rest of a track: intro and outro.

i:Vibes: You recently worked together with Damian Wasse and Reorder. With what artist would you really like to work together with and why?

Manuel: I like to work with producers I do respect and with friends. I don’t care about the name. Making a track together with someone it’s just a moment to having fun together, sharing our love for the music and for trance. In the future id really love to work on a track together with john O’Callaghan.

i:Vibes: What future releases can we await from you? What can we expect from your album First Light?

Manuel: Next release will be Manuel Le Saux - Asura . original and a magic remix by Damian Wasse.

i:Vibes: How proud are you to be known by his fans as being a DJ that plays trance that no other DJ plays?

Manuel: I’m proud and happy because that means that I’m not the only one who really love proper trance.

i:Vibes: Some months ago you played in New York City. How are the crowds in the States different from the party people in Europe? Is there a big difference? How was this gig?

Manuel: New York City was amazing!!! It was one of the best parties this year. There is not a big difference between Europe and the states. The real #trancefamily love trance in a special way!!

i:Vibes: How is your radio show ‘Extrema’ different than the usual trance radio show and how do you make it unique?

Manuel: I only play trance in ‘Extrema’, from the first track till the last one. Each week a lot of new listeners and followers started joining the show and I’m very happy about it.

i:Vibes: Italian trance god Giuseppe Ottaviani doesn’t live far away from Rome. When will you guys get into the studio and have a jam session?

Manuel: It’s not easy to make it. I actually live 50 kms away from him. It won’t be that difficult to go there, but what I do miss most is the time. But you never know what would happen in the future.

i:Vibes: Rome is one of the most fascinating cities in the world. What is your favourite place there to chill out and just think about life?

Manuel: Vatican museum is the best place here. I can get a lot of inspiration in that place.

i:Vibes: After a long day in the studio what would you rather eat a Spaghetti all'Amatriciana or Spaghetti a "Cacio e Pepe"? Or what do you prefer?

Manuel: Hahahahahahaha , no matter what, just pasta!!

i:Vibes: What will be your last track that you will play one day when you give your last gig?

Manuel: Rank 1 - airwave my all time favourite trance track!!



:: Check out Manuel's debut artist album right here!

:: Join Manuel Le Saux alongside Talla 2XLC & Ferry Tayle this Saturday, 1st June @ the Technoclub!



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