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Artistname: Marc Mitchell / Sunday Club / Human Movement

Date of birth: 30.10.1970

Origin: Jersey

Interview: None available

Marc Mitchell / Sunday Club / Human Movement
Marc Mitchell, possibly one of the most underrated producers in the progressive house and trance circuit has been in the scene for most of his life, since the early 80s.

Praised by everyone from Sasha, to Digweed to Paul van Dyk, and featured on a stream of compilations and albums, Marc is not a man to be overlooked. Starting off in the late 80s and early 90s under Eric Powell of Bush Records, Marc developed his talents for music and learns the trade. Then during 1994, Marc meets Warren le Sueur a DJ and promoter in Jersey at the time, and they team up for the production team "Axis Shift" taking on the progressive scene by storm. After a failed Axis Shift collaboration with Dave Ralph, and a signing to Perfecto Records in 1995, Marc comes strongly in 96 with the alias which has given him the biggest boost. Having signed onto Stress Records, the label which brought us various compilations and singles related to Dave Seaman, Sasha, and other big progressive jocks, the Sunday Club guise goes on to producing the massive "Healing Dream" as remixed and smashed by Paul van Dyk, followed by a remix of "Visions - Coming Home" which made it big in Sasha's sets in 96, including his Essential Mix.

The next remix in line was that of Jean Michel Jarre, the now 'retired' French producer. The track was Oxygene 8, one of the biggest progressive tracks to date, and made even better by Sunday Club. A number of remixes followed after that, including a massive one for Art of Trance.

1996 came with the establishment of Human Movement with Paul Mack, a resident DJ in Jersey and a good friend of Marc Mitchell which then signed onto Whoop! Records, one of the top progressive labels in the UK.

Late in 1996, an unexpected approach to Marillion, the rock band famous throughout the 80s and 90s, and Marc remixed their entire album, including the brilliant "The Memory of Water", a beautiful eclectic journey...

After a year and a half of living low, Marc makes a outburst in 1998-9 with remixes and productions by Sunday Club, Human Movement and also Axis Shift. This then led into the awesome "Love Has Come Again" by Human Movement, featuring vocals from Australian vocalist Sophie Moleta, an enchanting progressive vocal tune which truly rocked every Dave Seaman set which he played in 2000 and was featured on acetates for most of 2000 until finally a release came from Renaissance later that year or early 2001.

For much of 2002, he has been delivering remix after remix of pure quality including the Human Movement Remix of Deepsky's "View From A Stairway" and the Sunday Club Remix of "All Because of You", with an upcoming release of Huam Movement's new track "Healing" coming out on White Label sometime before the summer, 2002 is a big year for Marc.
Production aliases:
  3 Moons (With Ian Ossia & Paul Mack)      
  Aspect of I      
  Audiogenic (With Tony Decka-valla-clark)      
  Axis Shift (With Warren Le Sueur)      
  Beach Life (With Biko & Rene Toodecks)      
  Currently producing for Ian Ossia, Jimmy van M, Scott Bond      
  Faith Foundation (With Lawrence Elliot Poter & Stella Ferburn)      
  Genetic Soup (With Paul Henty)      
  Human Movement (With Paul Mack)      
  Jelle Boufon (With Dave Ralph & Warren Le Sueur)      
  Jimmy van M (With Jimmy van M & Richard Schessil)      
  Part One (With Eric Powell)      
  Seafield (With Chris Sakrati & Nick Stevens)      
  Sunday Club (With Stuart King)      
  The Positive Light (With Mark Daghorn)      
  TJ / Mitchell (With Michael Hooker)      
  Trinity (With Roger Small & Steve Cockshore)      
  Vantage Point (With Jimmy van M & Richard Schessil & Terra Deva)      
  Woomera (With Andy Morris)      
Production discography:
  Aspect of I - Clouds I Never Knew I Had   Fabric of Life   1995
  Aspect of I - Elements   Fabric of Life   1995
  Audiogenic - The Union Drum   Field Recordings   1996
  Axis Shift - On Suit Sanctuary   Slate   1995
  Axis Shift - Sherbet Helium   Slate   1995
  Axis Shift - The Phoenix   Slate   1995
  Axis Shift - Uprising   Slate   1995
  Beach Life - Klun NRG   Koolworld   1994
  Choir Invisable - 3 Moons   ???   2001
  Deepsky & Sunday Club - Hyduexjen   Unreleased   2003
  Faith Foundation - Love Will Find A Way   Lush   1995
  Genetic Soup - Electric Sky   Field Recordings   1996
  Human Movement - Ecliptic Spin   Whoop   1997
  Human Movement - Fall Into Love   Innersense Unreleased   2002
  Human Movement - Healing   Innersense Unreleased   2002
  Human Movement - Love Has Come Again   Renaissance   2000
  Human Movement - Temple   Innersense Unreleased   2002
  Human Movement - Travellers Theme   Whoop   1997
  Human Movement - Vida Pura   Whoop   1997
  Jelle Boufon - Hope (Hold My Hand)   Perfecto   1997
  Jimmy van M - Can   ???   2000
  Jimmy van M - Sanctuary   Bedrock   2000
  Jimmy van M feat Terra Diva - Love Like Sleep   Bedrock   2000
  Marc Mitchell & Eric Powell - Closer to Home   Ultimate Records   1995
  Marc Mitchell & Eric Powell - Nearer to France   Ultimate Records   1995
  Ordinary People - Mahatma   Happening   1997
  Ossia & Mitchell - About Time   Innersense Unreleased   2003
  Part One - Closer to Home   Ultimate   1995
  Part One - Distant Voices   Field Recordings   1994
  Part One - Haa Laa Afar   Field Recordings   1994
  Part One - Nearer to France   Ultimate   1995
  Seafield - Ice Cream Dreams   Limbo Recordings   1997
  Stuart King - Beautica   Spundae Records   2001
  Sunday Club - A New Machine (Quiet Swan)   Unreleased   2002
  Sunday Club - Altered State   Stress   1996
  Sunday Club - Archive Nova   Stress   1996
  Sunday Club - Eternas Flight   Stress   1997
  Sunday Club - Healing Dream   Stress   1997
  Sunday Club - Paladian Dawn   Stress   1996
  Sunday Club - Star Lit Night   Unreleased   2003
  Sunday Club - The Quiet Swan   ???   2002
  Sunday Club - Winds of Change   Stress   1998
  The Positive Light - African Mission   ???   1996
  TJ / Mitchell - Channel   Interflow   2000
  TJ / Mitchell - Every Body Dance   Interflow   2000
  Trinity - Inside my Head   Bush Records   1993
  Trinity - Piano in the Corner   Bush Records   1993
  Vantage Point - Can't Get It Wrong   Subliminal Unreleased   
  Vantage Point - Love Like Sleep   Subliminal Unreleased   
  Woomera - Retro, Euro, Vibe, Piece   Slate   1995
Remix discography:
  Art of Trance - Kaleidoscope (Sunday Club Mix)   Platipus   1997
  Brothers in Rhythm - Forever & A Day (Sunday Club Mix)   Stress   1997
  Cabala - Dark Blue (Human Movement Mix)   Whoop   1999
  Daphne - Wings of Fire (Sunday Club Mix)   Stress   1997
  Deep Sky - Talk Like a Stranger (Sunday Club Mix)   Unreleased   2002
  Deep Sky - View From a Stairway (Human Movement Mix)   Kinetic   2001
  Dominion - Fortunes (Human Movement Mix) (Unreleased)   Whoop   1999
  Dominion - Lost Without You (Human Movement Mix)   Whoop   1998
  East 17 - Let it Rain (Part One Mix)   DMC   1995
  Eternal - Aura (Part One Mix)   Epik   1995
  Furry Freaks - Soothe (Sunday Club Mix)   DMC   1999
  Insight - Prophecy (Sunday Club Mix)   Stress   1997
  Jean Michel Jarre - Oxygene 8 (Sunday Club Mix)   Sony / Epic   1997
  Marillion - Estonia (Positive Light Mix)   Eagle   1998
  Marillion - Face 1004 (Positive Light Mix)   Eagle   1998
  Marillion - House.com (Aspect of I Mix)   Kinetic   2002
  Marillion - Memory of Water (Positive Light Mix)   Eagle   1998
  Marillion - One Fine Day (Positive Light Mix)   Eagle   1998
  Marillion - Strange Engine (Positive Light Mix)   Eagle   1998
  Moogwai - Viola (Sunday Club Mix) (Unreleased)   Platipus   2002
  New Dawn - Feeling Good (Aspect of I Mix)   Wired Recordings   1997
  Pob & Taylor - Bah Bah (Human Movement Mix)   Distinctive   1999
  Shamon - Move Any Mountain (Axis Shift Mix)   One Little Indian Records   1996
  Sunscreem - Perfect Motion (Sunday Club Mix)   DMC   1998
  Universal State of Mind - All Because of You (Sunday Club Mix)   Platipus   2001
  Unknown Artist - Light of Summer (Part One Mix)   DMC   1994
  Visions feat Dianne Lynn - Coming Home   Stress   1996
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